Baby # 2, I can't wait to meet you!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013
First and foremost, I just want to say, Merry Christmas all! I hope all my readers had warm, inviting, holiday cheer with the people they love most in the world (I know I did). My Christmas started a little early this year. Justin and I decided to snuggle up on Christmas Eve, watch a funny movie, and exchange some special gifts while Ava was down for the night. I hadn't really expected anything major, I was just glad to have my family whole and together for the holidays. Wouldn't you know that I got diamonds for Christmas this year? Justin bough me a beautiful white gold necklace with two heart charms in the middle. There are little diamonds on each side of the bigger heart, and the smaller heart is full of them. I also got a set of beautiful white gold earrings. I was in complete shock. Apparently Justin purchased this gift awhile ago, he just hid it in a place he knew I'd never go looking (my husband is a wise man). I am still in awe over the gifts I received. I started crying a bit. Not so much over the gifts, but over my husband. He is such a loving man, that takes care of me in one million ones. If anything, that's really all I needed for Christmas. The presence of people will always mean more to me than the presents from people.

This morning we actually got to sleep in until after 9 (rare occasion), and when we woke up, we decided to let Ava go crazy on the wrapping paper before we made any calls or had any video chats. It was a blast seeing my little bug actually tearing the wrapping paper off of her gifts. I got most of this experience on video, and I'm just so thankful that Justin was here for everything. Cooper made out pretty well this year himself! He got so many stocking stuffers, treats, and more! We spent our day talking with family, and catching up with other loved ones. I thought being away from my extended family would hit me hard this year, but it didn't. Although Texas isn't our forever state, and this home isn't our forever home, today, it felt like it was. I made an entire Christmas dinner by myself, we watched the Nets game, Home Alone, and A Christmas story, today was just perfect.

Now that we've gotten passed the holiday season, New Years is in clear view. I decided to order a special calendar for our family this year. I made a calendar (through shutterfly) full of all the joy and happiness we experienced in 2013, in hopes that 2014 affords us even happier moments and memories. Speaking of 2014.. Justin and I have been going back and forth on the "trying to conceive front" We talked about baby # 2 today... and as long as life doesn't throw us any curve balls, we are going to try for baby # 2 in June of 2014. I'm excited about this already. I originally didn't want two small children so close together in age, and now I'm elated at the thoughts of having two Howland babies running around our home. The past seven months with Ava bug has reminded us that there is no right time to do anything. Especially when talking about expanding a family.

Looks like that's all I'm sharing for now! We have got ourselves a busy day tomorrow. We've got a little more than 3 weeks left here in Texas, and we plan on making the most of the time we still have here!

P.S. If you know a veteran, give them a hug today (if you are able to). Each day I say a little prayer for our soldiers overseas and their families that are left waiting on the home front. Without them, Christmas wouldn't be what it is for my family.

♥- Leilani

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