Cloth Diaper Stash

Friday, February 28, 2014
Since adding a specific email address to this blog, I have received a lot of emails pertaining to cloth, and what my family currently uses. Here is a video of (some) of the diapers we have in our stash. I believe I have over 32 pocket diapers, and just over 24 pre-folds for Ava's current size. I failed to mention that the prefolds in the video are red edge clotheez organic prefolds. They are the next size up from yellow edge (we retired those). We have stayed under our budget for cloth diapering ($400-500), and have received a few diapers from cloth diaper sponsorship. Whenever our families want to "gift" Ava, we always direct them to cloth items. This just ensures that we never go over our budget, and that cloth isn't becoming a spending addiction (it happens). If any of my readers have any more questions pertaining to cloth basics, different types of cloth, or "where do I start" questions, please leave comments below or email me at:

Enjoy! Happy Friday all!

  ♥- Leilani

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