Daddy and his Daughter day

Thursday, February 20, 2014
This afternoon we took Bug in for her E.R. follow up, and we got some great news, she looks great! Her primary doctor was confident that she should be cleared up within the next week. This took a huge weight off of our shoulders. We've never had to deal with any type of virus with Ava, so Justin and I were definitely relieved at how minor this situation was. The day before Bug got sick we noticed that she wasn't producing a normal amount of wet diapers. It was so noticeable that I actually started to wonder if my milk supply was drying up. Aside from things with Ava, having to give her anything other than breast milk actually gives me borderline anxiety. Ava hasn't been nursing any less, or showing any signs that she isn't full, so that's a great thing. When I discussed my concerns with her primary, he made me feel so much better. He said that Ava's body was in the "uh oh I'm getting sick mode" and potentially hanging on to the fluids she was receiving. Hopefully once she is completely healthy again, the drying up thoughts will subside.

After our doctor visit, Justin decided his little girl needed a new toy for being such a trooper. We went to the Babies R Us near the military installation and decided to give Ava a little retail therapy. Can I just start off with saying, OH MY GOODNESS! This was the largest Babies R Us we had ever been to. It was like a giant baby mall, and Ava had a grand ole time looking at everything and everyone. We ended up buying Ava new crib bedding (third times the charm, right?), we purchased a new book for our bug (bedtime stories), and we got her this cool baby remote. I even bought a highchair cover to give us piece of mind whenever we dine out. The last time we ate out, I did wipe down the highchair, but Ava still insisted on trying to put her mouth on it. Shortly after that, Bug turns up with the stomach virus. This may just be coincidence, but I am cracking down on all that is related to germs (even more so).

Justin really wanted to get Ava a walker, so we did. I'm not fond of walkers, and I don't plan on using this item very often. This is the same situation we were in with the bouncer Ava has. I still stick by what I've said since day one, and that is that babies grow just fine on the floor. I will admit, it is pretty stinkin' cute though. As promised, here is a " What's in my diaper bag" video for a cloth diapering mama of a nine month old. Hopefully there are some helpful goodies that can be of use to others out there. Happy Friday all! 

♥- Leilani

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