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Sunday, April 6, 2014
Here we are again at the close of another wonderful weekend. These last couple weeks have flown by, and I have a feeling the rest of April is going to be fairly busy. Sometime this week Ava is getting her very first picture taken with the Easter bunny (so excited about this), I have some shopping to do for a sweet little girl that is turning one in a couple weeks, and I am on the hunt for a new family car. On top of that, Easter is almost here, and so is my dad's birthday. All of these events on top of school, Justin's schedule, and Ava's, needless to say, the Howland's are busy. We also started some Friday night family traditions as well. Friday may very well be my favorite day of the week. I know Justin is going to be off for the next two days, it's the start of the weekend, I mean who doesn't love Friday?

Anywho, today was great, so let's recap the weekend. Friday night we went out to menchies (I'd never been before), and that was a real treat. The restaurant was decked out in eighties decor, and it was just so cute. The food was amazing, and the kicker? It's right down the street from our house. We spent the night watching old movies, cuddling, and talking about baby names. I don't remember when we knocked out, but everyone (including Cooper) was out before the norm. Saturday we got an early start, and then we went to my hometown to find a new location for Ava's birthday party. The venue I finally decided on is actually booked for the day that we'd need it. I was a bit devastated, but we've got options for other venues. I came across a couple that I really like, so hopefully when I call tomorrow, they have some availability.

We ended up going to the Muckleshoot Casino for brunch, and that was a real hit. I keep taking Justin to these places I went when I lived in Auburn years ago. He enjoyed it, and was shocked that the buffet was open to everyone, not just those who are gambling. Shortly after, we finally made our way to the only Sam's Club within fifty miles of us. It's right next to the mall I used to work at, so naturally, Justin got suckered into some shopping. Ava is seriously set for next winter! I hit up Osh Kosh and Carter's for their spring deals, and managed to get such a great haul. I think we wrapped up Saturday with a trip to best buy (for a tablet) and watching the second movie to Thor.

Today we went out to Tacoma to do some exploring, and to have lunch with a friend of ours. Downtown Tacoma has always had some pretty fun murals, so it was great to get a look at those today. We hadn't seen Jennifer in almost four years, so it was definitely great to catch up. Ava took to her so well; I was shocked. At one point, Ava bug even refused to come back to me when Jennifer was holding her (if you know our Bug, you know that never happens). I think that's a sign for Miss Jennifer on the baby front! After our Greek lunch we went out to the waterfront in Tacoma. The last time I was there, I believe I was 19 years old. It was so beautiful. I seriously forgot how perfect Washington state is. There were people jogging, walking their dogs, and walking with their kids. Such a perfect environment. 

This past weekend was perfect. I can't remember the last time I had a complaint about my day. It feels good to be happy, and active!

Happy Sunday all! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. 

♥- Leilani

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