Good, Bad, and Good Again

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
As of today, I am no longer sick! I'm pretty sure Justin and Miss Ava are in the clear too. We all managed to catch some brief stomach bug, but I'm glad it's behind us now. I really do hate when my babies are sick. The day I posted about my illness, Ava threw up that very same night. Looks like we won't be making it through her first year with only three sick episodes, but four is still just as low, and I'll take it! Speaking of her first year, can you believe that in just ten short days, my sweet and beautiful bug will be ONE year old?! I am so excited, especially because I just booked her first cake smash photo session for next week.

Cake smash session? Yes. Here goes the bad news. Victoria (our GA. photographer) that originally planned on heading out to Washington tomorrow, had to cancel her travel plans. Her little girl is not feeling all that well, and she has to undergo some medical testing. As sad as I am that she won't be making it out to the Pacific Northwest, I am glad that she is getting the answers she needs for her little girl Adalin. This left me to find a new photographer for Ava's birthday, family photos, and mommy and me sessions. I was pretty frantic, but I have to say, I stumbled upon a diamond in the rough. I am really pleased (so far) with the professionalism of our new found photographer and her work. She has done multiple sessions with infants, babies, and cake smashes. I was instantly impressed with her photos, and If all goes well with the cake smash, I cannot wait to book future sessions.

I'm beyond excited that we decided to photograph Ava and her cake rather than Ava at her birthday. I wish you all could have seen me earlier. I was seriously on the verge of renting a camera and lens that I had never seen before, let alone use. A lot of people don't see the "big deal" about photos, but I do. I love having beautiful portraits hanging in my home. I love having scrapbooks for Ava, ready for her to see and love when she's older. Pictures are truly the only things that last forever when our memories and time on earth fade. I know that last part was a bit heavy, but it's very true. My love of photos (of me and my growing family), began when I fell pregnant with Ava. I can't tell you how many times I go back and look at my maternity photos.

I am so relieved that I found a photographer in our location. If you didn't guess already, this would be the second good part of this blog. Today was a beautiful day, and I'm hoping this trend lasts these next couple weeks! It would be amazing to have nothing but shine on Ava's big day. Still can't believe Justin and I are closing in on this first year of parenting. Make sure to check back on the blog for my very first cloth diapering 101 blog/video post, toddler meals, and Ava's first year in review!

Happy Wednesday all! Hug and kiss your loved ones!

♥- Leilani

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