Howland Father's Day

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Due to some wacky circumstances, we have decided to celebrate Father's day early in the Howland house. It's kind of a silly notion for me, and that's only because everyday is kind of like Mama/DaDa day in our home. I ran out and purchased some crafts for Ava bug; so she could make daddy her own gift this year. I was a little nervous about letting her play in paint, but I found a super "hippie" non-toxic brand, and all my worries about my little one eating that stuff went away. I spent over an hour in a craft store today. I seriously cannot believe how many DIY projects started popping out for me. I definitely have a lot of crafts to keep me busy these next couple of weeks. Hopefully I can find something less messy than paint, so Ava can help me out!

Anywho, this year I decided to purchase a canvas, a DIY mug, and a handprint card for Justin. I let Ava decorate the canvas in blue and orange (go Broncos!) and she just went to town. It was so fun watching her explore the colors and texture of the paint. She had a ball.. and she even managed to dump one of the paint bowls over. The aftermath wasn't too crazy, but we both ended up with paint all over us. Thank goodness I had my sister over to help. I really don't know how I would have managed without.

I'm pretty proud of the end results. Justin loved his gifts and plans on hanging the canvas up in his man cave. It really warmed my heart to hear him say, he's going to hang up everything Ava makes him. It really is the small things guys. I think we are going to move our father's day to the 11th of every June. I know it's isn't the "mainstream" holiday, but this day is so much more special for us. You really don't need a reason to make your father a card, or cook him a hearty breakfast. The best days we experience in our family are the "just because" days. I really hope that this is a trait we pass on to all of our children. Showing someone you love you appreciate them is a gift that can be given daily.

Here's a little scroll of Papa Howland's gifts. I really think a decorative mug is going to be a traditional thing for him. Last year we purchased a personalized travel thermos, and he still loves that thing! On a sweeter note, Justin decided to write us a little note letting us know he approved of his father's day!

Happy Wednesday all!

   ♥- Leilani

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