Thank you Justin

Friday, June 13, 2014
Ava bug is in a morning slumber, so I thought I'd use this time to give credit where credit is due. Parenting is tough. I mean it's really tough. Not necessarily tough because of your child, but tough because you are invested in all aspects of your entire universe. That's actually putting it lightly. I wouldn't be the parent I am without Justin. I really mean that. He really is the icing on top of the Howland cake, and I'm so grateful and extremely blessed to have his help and guidance while parenting our daughter. Since day one, I've seen Justin dive into being a father, like this is a journey he was meant to embark on.

He's helped me with every part of being a parent, (dirty diapers & late night wake ups included). He loved doing tummy time with Ava, now he loves holding her hand while she walks. He was thrilled when she started solid foods, now he loves being able to give her "table foods" while we eat. He stayed up with her when she got her first cold, and he still snuggles her when she doesn't feel well. He watched her grab her first handful of dirt, and he was there the first time she stuck sand in her mouth. He was bummed when her first word was mama, but he loves that her favorite word is dada.

I don't have many memories of Ava, that don't include Justin. He always makes it a point to be there, even when the Army decides to take him away for weeks at a time. He makes sure he's never left out, and he makes sure that Ava knows who he is. I admire that about him. I couldn't imagine leaving Ava's side for as long as Justin has to at times. I know it kills him, but he overcompensates for it. When he's home, he's really home. He wants to do everything with Ava from wake up to bedtime. I of course never complain about having his help. I love watching him with Ava. I knew I loved my husband before we had a baby; I now know that the love I have for this man is irrevocably stained on my heart. I hope all of our children mirror their father in some way (with the exception of sarcasm, sorry babe).

June 2013

June 2014

So there's the credit! Thank you Justin. Our family wouldn't be quite as unique, or full without you. Whether you are near or far, we are grateful for all you do. Ava and I love you so much honey!

Happy Friday all!

♥- Leilani

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