Toddlers in Public

Sunday, June 29, 2014
Yesterday, I had Ava bug on the go with me for a lot longer than usual. Since she's ditched her infancy, I've tried to feel things out, and test the waters with our schedule. I'm trying not to be as strict with our days, and I'm allowing Ava to show me how she feels about certain things. For instance, yesterday we went out to a lunch with some of the Army wives here. Ava is a relatively good baby on the go, so I really didn't have any worries. I've noticed in these last few months that she wants to be entertained more than before. She wants you to pay attention to her and include her in the conversation. That's precisely what I did.

While trying to have conversations with women I had just met, I had Ava on my lap. She was perfectly content with chewing on the straw I bought from home, and snacking on some treats her mama made. She hated the resturant high chair (not surprised), and I think it was because it prevented her from being in the loop. She decided to have a LOUD opinion about me putting her in the highchair.  Instead of getting upset, or ducking out early, I just went with it. I am not ashamed to have my child in public. I'm not ashamed when she displays strong emotions that lead into fussing; that's how she communicates with me.

I ended up nursing her at the table, and the ladies there were more than okay with it. It actually got us into a whole new discussion on breastfeeding, and you guys know I was more than elated to share my experience and knowledge. Breastfeeding turned into cloth diaper talk, which turned into baby fever talk. All the while I either had Ava on my lap or my part of the table. I ended up sharing my lunch with Ava while we were out, and I can honestly say that is the only time she was okay with being in a restaurant highchair. She was so happy munching on "big girl food" with mama.

At the end of the lunch a couple of the girl commented on Ava's demeanor. They said she was one of the most well behaved babies they had seen. It actually kind of made me giggle. I had thought that Ava was a little bit more fussy than usual.. and they hadn't noticed what I had. Granted, it's my job as her mama to know. This is kind of how I treat every place we go. You really don't ever know what type of mood your toddler is going to be in. You can't let that hinder you from taking them on the go! We are heading to a festival later today, and I'm excited to see how this goes with her. I have always tried to avoid really busy places with bug, but there is a first time for everything.

Happy Sunday all!

♥- Leilani

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