Toddlers in the Heat

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
I haven't spent a summer in Washington since 2010... and boy have things changed! It is really hot over here! On the upside, it isn't anything like Southern heat, and I am extremely grateful for that. The good news is, Ava seems to really enjoy this warm weather. She loves the sun on her face, and she doesn't really fuss when she gets warm. The bad news is, Ava hates water. Well, I guess I can't say she hates water, but she definitely has a strong dislike for lakes, beaches, and rivers. She isn't a fan of having her toes, fingers, or any other part of her dipped in water... but I can't really blame her considering the water is ice cold! So what do we do to make our toddler comfortable in the heat? Here's a short list of things that we do in order to keep Ava comfy and happy.


You'd think this would be a given, but it's easy to walk out the front door without a bottle of water for your little one. We tote water because we don't bring milk out in the heat, and we don't given Ava any type of juice. Normally I am against empty calories, but when it's hot like this, she needs to stay hydrated. It's important! I offer her water every few minutes, and surprisingly she is fond of it.


Another biggy! Now that Ava is over six months old, it's okay to allow her to spend time in the sun. Spending time in the blazing sun means her skin needs to be protected. We usually avoid taking her out when it's hot during the peak hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. I use sunscreen every time we spend any amount of time in the heat. My favorite brand is California Baby Sunscreen. There isn't a fragrance, and it rubs in great.

Dress Accordingly

I try to dress Ava in clothes that are light, and breezy. Cute little dresses, really light shirts, and sometimes just a cloth diaper (if we are indoors). Light colors reflect light, often times keeping us  cooler in the heat. If we are on the go, or at the beach I always bring her sunhat, and sunglasses. She isn't too fond of keeping the sunglasses on, but each time we try them out, they grow on her. Wearing dark colors, or cotton material in the heat can be extremely uncomfortable for adults; imagine how your toddler feels.


Because Ava is still in the middle stages of walking, I get leery with taking her places where there are bigger kids all around. Yesterday, I wanted to try the splash park, but there were simply too many children there. I didn't want to chance Ava getting knocked down. Since she wasn't a fan of the lake, I decided to make our own water fun at home. We have a couple blow up pools that we use, we also made homemade popsicles, and ended up having a "pool" party in our garden tub. Just yesterday I ordered a "baby" water sprinkler to attach to the hose. It's called Soft Sprinkles Tide Pool. Just something simple to keep Ava bug cool and entertained!

I hope this list is helpful to some of my readers, and I hope this answered any questions I received through emails.

Happy Wednesday all!

♥- Leilani

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