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Thursday, July 3, 2014
Today really couldn't get any better. We are so close to having Justin back home with us, and I can hardly contain myself. These past three weeks have been pretty tough on Bug and I. She's always had her daddy around and I think her curious little mind wonders why she is looking at daddy through a screen, instead of in person. That is the hands down worst part about being married to a servicemen. One of the upsides is the reunion! Of course I'm excited to have my husband back, but I'm more excited for Ava to have her daddy home! Washington Summer is definitely among us, and there are so many things Justin wants to do with her. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing the two people I love most in this world, bond.

In preparation for my husband's return, I have decided to go all out, and I wouldn't be able to do this without the help of my parents. I really am grateful that we live back in my home state. All I had to do was call my dad up and ask if they could head over and help with Ava for the day. He did me one more and has offered to help with the three course seafood meal I plan to make! Extra hands has really made a difference in Justin's absence; especially with people I love and trust. I try not to think about when we'll be leaving Washington state, but I know it's going to happen. I really have gotten used to all the help I have here. If an emergency arises, there are a million family members that would be willing to take Ava. If I need a night off with my husband, I know that we can always leave her with my parents.It's not going to be like that at every duty station, so I really am enjoying the help while I have it.

These next few days are going to go by quickly, and I plan on taking a long technology hiatus. I feel like all I've been doing is staying attached to my computer in my "free" moments. Whenever Justin comes home, I like to give him that quality family time that we all really need. He will have a couple extra days off, so I'm sure we will end up doing something outdoors. Also, something to be on the look out for on my blog from now on, "My Ava Bug was here" project. I follow so many talented photographers in our area, and one of them sparked this idea for me. Taking a daily picture of the mark Ava leaves behind. A documentation of the marks she leaves on our world for one full year. With the upgrade of a new camera, and my love for blogging, I thought this would be perfect for me. You can watch Ava grow, and my photos.

I've received some pretty interesting emails this past week, and if anyone else would like to see a specific topic featured, be sure to email me or comment below. The link for my email is located in the envelope icon on the right side of my blog. I plan on actively blogging again starting late next week. That's all for now guys! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and like always, Happy Thursday all!

♥- Leilani

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