4th Trimester Bodies

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Happy Tuesday all! The technology hiatus is only partially over, but I couldn't go a full week without updating you guys on how everything is going. Justin is finally home, and Ava bug and I have enjoyed every minute with him. From the moment Ava saw her daddy, she has been beaming (I love it)! She has been super affectionate, full of giggles, and she is allowing daddy to do everything mommy does. This has made me incredibly happy. I wasn't sure how things between Ava bug and Justin were going to go because of his absence these last few weeks. I think I can officially say that anytime daddy has to leave, I can expect Ava to be just fine when he returns.

This week is going to be a busy one, but all for very good reasons! I have a friend visiting from Texas, and I am beyond excited to see her and meet her little one. The Howland's also have a photo session at the end of this week, and I get even more ancy by the day. I just received my new beach hat in the mail, and I cannot wait for Jessica to capture it in our photos. Jessica just started a new Facebook page for her business, and I'd love it if we could show some support by "liking" her page!

Also, as promised, here is my daily photo of "Ava was here" for the blog. Day one of three hundred and sixty-five. She loves "helping" mom and dad with the toilet paper.

The real reason behind this post is actually in the title. Through the last few months I've had the opportunity of following some of the strongest women in the world. Women who aren't afraid to bare their skin, and show the world that our bodies are beautiful. Our bodies are beautiful before having babies; they are beautiful after having babies; they are beautiful all the time. We have beautiful temples throughout motherhood, throughout our breastfeeding journey, and throughout the days that motherhood challenges us.

Here lately this organization of women have been having social media difficulties. Their photos are being taken down, their accounts are being removed, and it's just become such a mess. It infuriates me to no end that this is happening. We should not have to censor motherhood, we should not have to remove the photos that portray the very definition. I have included the link  for those who would like to sign the petition that the 4th trimester bodies project founder started. At the very least showing your support can make a world of difference.

I really hope that fighting for what I believe is right inspires some of my readers. Even more, I hope that standing up for what I believe is right is the best example I can set for my daughter.

♥- Leilani

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