Friday, August 1, 2014
Four years ago today was the first time I met Justin. Four years ago today, if I had done one thing differently, I may not have met the man that would later become my better half. Four years ago today is the reason why I am a true believer in fate, and faith. I think about the day I met Justin frequently, and it's crazy because everything about that day still remains vivid and clear in my mind. I remember what he wore, I remember how I felt when I saw him, but most importantly I remember how easily we connected. As each year passes by, I am even more grateful for the man I married. It seems like I learn something new from my husband on a regular basis.

If I had to choose one thing (over the obvious blessings) that have been life changing for us over the years, it would have to be growth. A friend of mine said to me a couple weeks ago that you cannot experience growth without some growing pains. That statement has definitely been proven true throughout our marriage. As we get older, and grow to become better versions of ourselves we realize we are forever changing. We realize even more of the things we want out of our life, and this is where we are reminded of how compatible we are. I may not always be eager to accept new hobbies (sorry babe, I'm talking about your motorcycle club), but I respect Justin enough to let him ride out his crazy dreams. I know he does the same for me, and we support each other every step of the way. Growing together has proven to be apart of the foundation that our marriage is built on, and even with the growing pains we will always face, I hope this never changes.

As I reflect on these last four years, I am proud of where we are today. We love each other, we encourage one another, and we comfort each other when turmoil hits. Aside from making me a mother to Ava, he has given my heart so many reasons to beam. I not only have a mate for life, but I also have a best friend. Take a look at these then and now photos!

Then (Photo Cred: ACP)

Now (Photo Cred: JOP)

Happy four years of knowing you Woobie!

Happy Friday all!

♥- Leilani

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