Locked Out

Thursday, December 25, 2014
Today couldn't have gone any better if I had planned every minute of our Christmas.. well aside from being locked out of our house, but more on this later. I was the first of the bunch to wake up, so I took that time to turn on Christmas jams, get dressed for the day, and prep Ava bug's breakfast. Shortly after, Ava bug woke up. Justin immediately opened his eyes after this. We spent a few minutes getting everyone prepped for the day, and then we headed downstairs. YOU GUYS, the look on my child's face when she saw all of the commotion downstairs was bar-nunn, incredible! It was like watching her birth all over again. Pure joy. Just absolute joy when she saw the pretty bows, big toys, and all that was waiting for her.

Truth be told, that's what Justin and I waited for. We spent over 4 hours on Christmas Eve night prepping for Christmas morning. I watched my husband deal with little pieces, directions without English, and kitchen sets that seemed almost impossible to set up.. he managed to work through it all and finish everything! In this moments, I realized just how much of a hero this man is. I mean it guys. Justin is that dad that you'd want your kids to have. That attentive daddy that wakes up with the kids, cleans them up, plays tea party with them, and manages to put them above ALL ELSE. This family wouldn't functionally effectively without his presence (sorry for that brag moment, but it is more than deserved).

The first thing that Ava decided to play with was her custom kitchen from her grandparents, then she migrated over to the cozy coupe, and then she played with her easel. She fell in love with her tea set and table. In fact, she immediately grabbed her daddy's hand to sit and have a tea party with her. My heart was so full in those moments. I gush at the sight of the loves of my life enjoying one another. This is kind of how our morning went, until family came over. Because of last week's events, we sort of lost a tad bit of holiday spirit. I normally go overboard with Christmas, but this year, I wasn't over the top with it all, and that was okay.

I spaced on getting a few things from the store, but thankfully, Walgreens is opened on Christmas. As much as I hate that people were working on Christmas day, I was so thankful for a store that had foil, adult beverages, and egg nog. The rest of our day went rather smoothly... until I decided to take Ava bug outside in her new cozy coupe. Normally, I lock our dog up prior to us going outside. He acts completely irrational and barks so loudly, but the mister decided that it wasn't necessary this time. Well, after our random outside trip, we go back home to find out that our door is locked shut. The dog was jumping on the lock and somehow managed to lock the door on us. We had no windows opened ANYWHERE. Our back door was locked and we had NO cell phones outside with us. Thank god for our sweet neighbors and their kind father. We ended up busting out one of our garage door window panels, and now we have the luxury of heading to Lowe's first thing tomorrow to replace it, Yay(total sarcasm)!

All in all, our day was perfect. I loved spending time with family. I loved watching Ava climb on her big girl slide, baking pretend cupcakes, sitting on her Sofia the first vanity, and pushing her shopping cart. Our families outdid themselves with the gifts and we couldn't be more grateful for the love they show through the act of gifting. Here are a few photos from our morning with Ava. I tried my best to be absolutely present while my family was here. More than anything, I realize more each day how important it is to relish family and all that goes with having a family. Moments like today only happen every so often!

Merry Christmas all!

♥- Leilani

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