Saying NO to induction

Monday, July 20, 2015
With this pregnancy, I have noticed that aside from my experiences with labor, my knowledge and understanding of the natural process of labor have increased immensely. Although I still wouldn't change a thing about the arrival of my daughter and the steps I took to deliver her safely, I still can't help but feel like a small part of me was naive and thrown into an induction without the proper research and understanding of what is truly "medically" necessary for induction. I'm fresh into my second trimester and as I watch some of my friends begin their laboring process and journeys, it's got me proactively thinking about what i'd like out of my own this time around.

The first time I made a birth plan it was over 5 pages long... very unrealistic, very specific, and I'm pretty sure one of my good friends just kind of laughed at the detail I went into. I mean things were so specific and air tight.. you'd think I was conducting an event that actually allowed for such specific plans. I now know that birth is messy. Labor and delivery is unpredictable for many. While it would have been nice for my type a personality to see things go accordingly, that's just not feasible for creating life and bringing these babies earth side. Rather than focusing on the minor details of the labor and delivery process, I want to focus more on the events that I can actually control.

If you hadn't guessed it by the title of this blog, one of those controls I'd like to have would be opting OUT of induction. Ava was "diagnosed" with a potential case of intrauterine growth restriction late in my third trimester. She measured small from (I want to say) 34 or 35 weeks? All of her measurements were small though, which was just an indication that I was going to have a smaller babe. More times than not, IGR babies are healthy, perfect, and there isn't a worry at all. The small percentage of these babies need to be evacuated out of mom's womb earlier in case there is a problem that medical intervention can help out with. Being that I had never heard of IGR, I had a deployed husband, and I just wanted a healthy babe, I agreed to the induction. They wanted to induce me at 39 weeks to make sure that Ava was safe and healthy.

All my OB's used those words time and time again. When you think about doing whatever it takes to have a healthy baby, you don't think about anything but what your "trusted" doctors are telling you. At least, I didn't. Even explaining it to Justin, he was in agreement with doing whatever they said would get our daughter here safely. The end result was that I carried a small baby. My placenta was small, my baby girl was small, BUT she was perfectly healthy and passed every newborn test with flying colors. I hand't really given the induction much thought since we immediately entered cloud 9 with Ava afterward.

Now, I will refuse an induction. I'm not too proud or too stubborn to refuse a medically necessary induction, but small babies are not cause for induction. My husband and I aren't very big people. I'm about 5'3 on good days, and I have an Irish man as my other half. One of the OB's I saw during my pregnancy with Ava mentioned that it can very well be hereditary (the size of our babies). I whole-heartedy believe that will be the case for us. Pitocin, cervadil, and the threatened c-section from my induction really scared the living daylights out of me. Handling a synthetic form of Oxytocin was a lot for my body to handle. The contractions were really hard to breath through, and Ava's heart rate dropped because of how hard my body was working through this induction.

This time around I am putting my faith and trust into this body of mine. I am trusting my body to do exactly what it was designed to do; deliver a healthy baby on THEIR time. God willing all goes well and baby bean stays healthy during this pregnancy, I will not have any intervention, and I will not use any methods to try and expedite this pregnancy. Being the control freak that I am, this pregnancy is just allowing me to let go and really watch the beauty of natural nature in it's best form. So there it is. For all the questions about another induction, what our plans are, and what I'd like to do.. this is it! I want this baby to be in control of their earth side appearance.

How many mamas were advised to get inductions with their babies? How many mamas went into labor naturally and on their own? How many had medically necessary c-sections? Please share ALL of your stories and thoughts with me on this one; either on a social media link, the comments below, or by email!

Happy Monday all!

♥- Leilani

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  1. First let me say im so proud of you for standing by your right to choose! Your blog is so encouraging. My first pregnancy was a breeze but this one has me stuck on the couch or locked in the bathroom. Im lucky to have family.

    My first pregnancy I went right up to my due date dilated at 1.5cm. My midwife Nancy Spencer at lake Tapps suggested a natural castor oil induction which i did that night at 9pm. Woke up at 2am in labor contractions 2min apart and birthed naturally at 10am. There were no interventions other than a helping hand from Nancy. My daughters head needed some adjusting due to being a 9lb chunk!! :p My midwife did say that in a hospital they would have pushed for a c-section. With two hours of pushing and my babies head being caught on my pelvic bone they would not have helped me the way Nancy did. Im just over 2mo with baby #2 and i plan to have a home water birth with Nancy. This one hopefully will come on its own. :)

    P.S- Castor oil is nasty lol