Daddy matters too!

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Ava decided to wake up at 6:30 this morning, so someone got a nap a little earlier than usual, which means this mama is blogging a little earlier than usual. For the past 19 weeks, I have began to join a large community of women from all over. Women who share their pregnancy journeys, women who share their breastfeeding journeys, basically just all that is woman surrounded by pregnancy and babies. I have loved being able to to tune into mommy blogs, video blogs, and the empowerment that comes with it. One thing that is completely lacking in these communities that i've noticed is the hype about dads! I never really see anyone talk about how their significant other feels, how much help their husband is, or their other half's views on certain parenting aspects. This actually makes me extremely sad. If you raid my blog, one thing you will notice is,  Justin is mentioned in just about everything. He is the other half of the reason why Ava and Bean are even possible, and that reason alone is enough for me to talk about his feelings. Although the dad's may not carry a child, they are just as important and worthy of talking about.

That being said, I have noticed why so many things have come to be. The articles that state that father's aren't just babysitters... the meme's that show dad's doing everything "completely wrong" with their children. Or even the mommy blogs that talk about how distant they feel from their husband when it comes to raising children. Have we ever stopped to wonder WHY they feel this way? I think a large part of that is, us. I'm guilty of this too. When we first had Ava, I had to have everything a certain way. I felt like I knew what was best for our little baby because I had carried her, I was nourishing her, and ultimately my mommy intuition kicked in. I remember one day, Justin and I had disagreed about something... he stared me blank in the face and said, "You know, we both became parents at the same time. We are both learning this together." Completely changed my life when he said that.

That was the moment I stopped treating the father of my child like he was inadequate. That was the moment I embraced him and his fatherhood intuitions. I trust Justin's decisions whole-heartedly with our daughter, and I have never looked back from those feelings since. We both encourage one another as parents and we both support each other when we've had our trying days. Because, like he said two years ago, we are both learning together. If you are a mama reading this, and you have found yourself guilty of something like this, I hope you take one thing away from this post.... make a change. The beauty of having your husband along side you is for the support, the love, and the help. Let him be that for you! We don't know it all ladies, even if we are birthing these precious miracles.

Aside from giving him parental praise and recognition, having our alone time has been more essential now than ever before. Adding another addition to our family is not only a blessing, but another reminder that the marriage Justin and I have needs TLC for always, and no matter how many babies we are blessed with, we cannot lose sight of one another. Our schedule is going to be no more once baby #2 arrives, and while we are bracing ourselves, we know our new normal will eventually make it's way into our lives. Until then, we will be taking advantage of all the helpful family babysitters we have, late night movies, and all night pillow chats! This man is my very best friend in the entire world and our friendship and love will forever remain a priority in my life. Here's a photo of Justin and I from our gender reveal. So happy to be expanding my family with this man!

Photo Cred: Taken by Charmi D.
Edited by: Yours truly
Happy Thursday all!

♥- Leilani

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