NOT touched out?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Happy Tuesday all! Today is a very good day for more reasons than one. First, I am officially 19 weeks pregnant with Baby bean! Secondly, the heat in Washington has decreased immensely and I couldn't be more elated about fall weather. I can finally enjoy being outdoors with Ava at any time of day and she enjoys being able to play without constantly letting me know it's hot. Over the past couple weeks my relationship with my daughter has gotten so much stronger, it's almost unbelievable. She is so in tune with her mama and my pregnancy, it's been an emotional/amazing experience to say the least. Most of my readers know that we are a very tight knit family, and "personal space" isn't something we find that we need... A few weeks ago a good friend of mine posted about being "touched out" from kiddos, pets, spouse, etc. She was in her third trimester in the dead of summer.. I am more than sure that had something to do with it. Since reading about her experience I decided to research this "touched out" notion and analyze whether or not my family or myself have ever experienced it. After a couple weeks of research and truly understanding the term, I realized that we haven't.

Since the day Ava was born, we have always held her. She has always cuddled, nuzzled, and done skin-to-skin with both Justin and I. I breastfed her just three months shy of her second birthday, so it's safe to say that touching is a norm for us. Even as a two year old, Ava will crawl into our bed when she wakes up, she cuddles her daddy or myself. When we are on the couch, she snuggles into one of us, and gives us tons of butterfly kisses. Touching is a way we show our love and express ourselves in this family. With being pregnant with baby # 2, I'm wondering if this will change? If baby #2 has a completely different personality than Ava, will she not be a "touchy baby" OR will I have another cuddle bug, and start to feel as if I'm "touched out" with my children? From what I read this is completely normal and it can occur at any point in time for people who are pregnant or people with small children.

I know a change like this would be pretty confusing for Ava, and I'm really hoping we never have to experience being "touched out" but I am being open-minded about the possibility. There are a few occasions where I know I need "mommy time" but I don't see that as being the same thing. Prenatal massages, taking a nap, getting a pedicure, those are things I do to give myself time away from my family. Justin is always more than willing to take Ava on a "daddy/daughter date" so I can do my own thing. I think that goes for everyone though. We all need some time, even if minuscule, to enjoy ourselves. Being in my second trimester has been absolute bliss for me and those around me. I'm no longer sick, and aside from shooting lower back pain, I am very pleasant to be around. I find myself wanting to be near Ava and Justin almost all day long. Ava has independent play time, which is why I'm able to do things like, blog... but other than that, I don't mind her being right next to me, always. These moments with our kids don't last as long as we'd like.

Sometimes you don't realize how quickly they are growing. How quickly those little hands that have to be on you all the time, won't be there after a while. Ava steadily exerts more independence by the day and I find myself relishing in the toddler that follows me to the bathroom, that plays peek-a-boo when I'm showering, or that lifts my shirt to kiss the baby in my belly. I love that she gives her sister raspberries, and I love when she only wants to be in my arms. I know over these next few weeks my belly is going to grow even more so in size, but that won't stop me from cuddling and loving on my first born. Even with my husband, the same applies. We are a cuddle couple, and I absolutely love being held at night. Sometimes I find myself ditching the maternity pillow just to cuddle closer. I love when Justin holds my hand, or props my feet on his legs for a massage. These moments for me remind me of how fortunate I am to have the love of two very special human beings.

Here is a link to one of the many articles I read pertaining to parents dealing with feeling touched out. For those of my readers that have personally gone through this, share your experience with me! How did you manage those types of feelings? Did they come on suddenly? Or, are you a mama with more than one little that has yet to experience this? I love being connected to my mama community on the web, so leave me a comment below, or shoot me an email! In the meantime, check out this cute photo of Ava bug being a princess AND a construction woman! She refuses to go anywhere without heels and her tool bag these days!

♥- Leilani

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