Disney's Frozen On Ice

Friday, November 13, 2015
Justin and I have been choosing fun events to do with Ava (before Olivia's arrival), and the Disney on ice show was a completely perfect choice. I've known for just over a month now that they'd be doing Frozen on ice in our area this year (though I do believe it has been done annually), and with Ava being almost two and a half and comprehending all things Disney... there is no way we could pass this up. I'm grateful that Justin's training schedule and 4 day Veteran's day weekend allowed for him to be apart of this memorable experience. I purchased our tickets just two days before the show we chose, and I was pretty impressed with time options, ticket prices, and the location for this event. I thought for sure that the time slots we desired would most certainly be filled, but to my surprise they weren't. I chose to go on a Friday, because although the traffic is extremely crazy in our area, it was bound to be not so bad in the afternoon. Turns out, I was right for the most part, so even with construction/traffic, and NON stop rain, we managed to make it there in perfect time.

I chose to have mobile tickets delivered to my phone to be scanned at the doors, and I've got say, this will be my go to for every show we attend like this. Super easy, they didn't have to touch my phone, and it took literally 5 seconds to get through the doors and into our seats. The seats we ended up with were completely amazing for the view, and for Ava. We had space, we had an empty seat next to us, and there weren't a lot of little tots by us. All the children were older, and totally glued to the show.. just like our Bug. The show started with Minnie and Mickey mouse introducing the show for the night, and my child went completely wild. She absolutely loves Minnie, so seeing her in "real form" was a real treat.

Disney Princesses and Princes also accompanied them, and watching Ava's face was just pure bliss for both Justin and I. We decided to dress her in a cute Elsa outfit, and we purchased a glowing wand just before getting into our seats, and she definitely looked like more than half of the other children in attendance. Elsa was most definitely the preferred character for the evening, and Ava had so much fun scoping them out. One thing I was extremely grateful for, being over 30 weeks pregnant, was the intermission they had for the show. Halfway through, they stopped the show so everyone in attendance could use the restroom, buy snacks, visit all the venues with toys for sale, etc. It was so perfect because I had literally just said to my husband moments before that I had to use the restroom.

I was able to take my time, and get back in my seat before the show started. We packed little snacks for Ava to eat because I know how expensive the food can be at events like this. She snacked away during the intermission, and was able to finish all her goodies before the three minute warning that the show was going to begin again. Overall, the experience was a blast, and I can't wait to find more fun stuff like this to do with my toddler. She has been back on a Frozen kick since we watched the show, but we really don't mind. I love knowing that we are filling her days with so much more than just television shows and staying at home. While I know these trips won't be an every weekend thing, or maybe not even an every month occurrence, making the most of her childhood for her, is important to both Justin and I.

Take a look at some of the photos we got from the show. It truly was magical, and apart of me felt myself relieving a part of my own childhood.

♥- Leilani

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