Saturday, November 14, 2015
Something tragic happened a couple weekends ago that truly rattled me to my core. I am so over the destructive world that has become the reality of our lives these days. In the mists of trying to comprehend what happened, and trying to prevent myself from entering this emotional funk of grief for those who were impacted... I decided I wanted to embrace all the good, love, and happy in my own life. That meant, putting up Christmas decor and the Christmas tree SUPER early this year! To my surprise, Justin was on board, as he too wanted to feel some good that this time of year always provides for my family. Let me just say, putting up Christmas stuff while almost 31 weeks pregnant was no easy chore. My feet hurt so much more quickly then ever before, and I definitely wasn't as much help as I normally am. I haven't been pregnant for the holidays in two years, and even when I was pregnant with Ava, Justin was deployed.. so that meant I didn't do nearly as much decorating or celebrating without my love home.

Ava bug was a HUGE help this year! She was a big help last year, but I definitely think she wanted to play with ornaments and candy canes last year, where is this year, she wanted everything on the tree... sometimes even before we were ready for it. She helped unpack the Christmas boxes, she watched her daddy untangle the inevitable mess of lights, and she jammed along with the Bing Crosby pandora station we had going. This was hands down my favorite party of decorating this year. Watching my 2.5 year old just bask in the glory that is family time and celebration is always a sight to see. Side note, I am so glad that we invested in Christmas decor throughout all the years we've been married. We have a surplus amount of decor, and I think it's safe to say we won't need to pick up anything major for a good, long while.

With pregnancy brain being live, we had to redo the Christmas lights on the tree on two different occasions. I forgot to connect the correct ends one time, and I totally spaced that we had more strings of light on the other. It was tedious, but Justin was such a trooper. Putting up our special ornaments after the lights and garland is my absolute favorite. Adding Olivia's ornament just made my heart soar entirely. We have so many handmade ornaments from Justin's grandmother, and each time we add a new member to this family she sends us another blue bird ornament. I can't wait to have Livy's on the tree next year. This year was my first year with a prime lens for my camera, so I immediately tried to take a shot of that special Christmas bokeh.. I have only attempted this twice, and both times were right before bed. I did achieve the bokeh, but I'm definitely going to try and clean it up a bit the next time I give it a go.

With Thanksgiving just days away, I am definitely soaking up the holiday spirit. I can already foresee tons of hot chocolate cuddles, all warm and toasty, watching classic holiday movies until Christmas arrives! This year has got me even more ancy, as the "high" from the holidays won't wind down until after Olivia arrives. That's like having 4 MAJOR holidays in one swoop! Take a look at some of the photos I managed to get with putting up the tree this year.

♥- Leilani

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