34 Weeks

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
I knew that being THIS pregnant near the holidays would make for my days/weeks/months to go by that much faster. I feel like I literally just wrote an update the other day, not an entire week ago. Everything over here has been going pretty great! I did start using the glucometer and strips for my potential gestational diabetes... definitely not a fan. That one poke I thought I would be having everyday.. Definitely FOUR pokes! Its not that it hurts more than the fact that its a pretty tedious task (and time sensitive). A large part of me at this point feels like taking the 3 hour glucose test. My blood sugar levels are amazing, and I think I really do have a good chance of passing that test with flying colors. I know I keep saying that, but we'll see what happens. We have also been teetering the whole home birth option as of late... I'm not positive this is the route we will take (late in the game, too many contingencies), but it's something we are considering as of now. Other than that, not a whole lot has changed this week, so lets dive into the highlights! 

How far Along34 weeks

Nicknames for baby: Livy Bean, Olivia

Size of babyI guarantee that Livy is tipping the 5 pound mark (we'll find out next week).

Gender: It's a girl! 

Symptoms: vaginal/pelvic pressure? fatigue. heartburn. back aches galore.

Best moment this week: Feeling my body go through the third trimester motions. Livy is running out of room and judging by the rolls I feel now opposed to her kicks just weeks before.. I know we are just getting that much closer to baby time.

Movement: Recently her movement patterns have changed, but I've chucked that up to her running out of room in my womb! 

Food Cravings: fish sticks.

Food Aversions: anything red sauce based

What I Miss: Not having this odd pelvic pressure every time I get out of bed. I feel like Olivia moved further down already.

Sleep: I get extremely good sleep, once I am out, I am out! Except, I started drooling (yuck).

Justin: Justin's labor coach shirt came in, and he is wearing that thing like it's a badge of honor. He went on a birthing center tour with me this past weekend, and I was tickled with the questions he asked and things he took an interest in. I feel good about birthing with him along side me and knowing that he'll be everything I need for the duration of this pregnancy. He has learned a ton it seems as far as being more sensitive, more supportive, and less critical.

Ava: We recently brought out ALL the baby stuff we'll be using in the coming weeks and Ava has started to realize that it's for baby sister. Granted, she won't be here for at least three-six more weeks, but I like that we have visuals around the house as a reminder. She's still really excited at any mention of babies, which will make these last few weeks harder to not be anxious about. Every time she sees me pass by, she has to kiss my belly and tell "her baby" how much she loves her. I cannot wait for my girls to meet face to face.

What I am looking forward to this week: In the next week we have a growth scan for Miss Olivia, and I am SO looking forward to that! Praying we get continued good news about our growing girl, and that she checks out the way she should. 

Happy or moody most of the time: With Christmas being just 17 days away, I don't think my mood could be any merrier. I'm excited to be spending the holidays with my in-laws, and I'm excited to make memories, new traditions, and spend Christmas on the East coast. 

♥- Leilani

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