Unexpected Dreams

Friday, December 4, 2015
It's insane to me how our goals, dreams, and thoughts can change as we grow. I guess it's not really that insane considering the fact that growth does equate change fairly often. But for me, I'm stunned. If you would have asked me even three years ago if I thought i'd see myself trying to start up my own business... in photography.. I would have laughed. I was a very practical person three years ago, and leaping into the unknown for anything outside of my family.. complete rarity. As I sit here tonight typing this very blog, I'm staring at the new work space "office" that Justin has created for me. Gosh, I love this man. He really has been such a great support system through my whirlwind decision to embark even further into photography. Whenever I ask if a notion I have is too crazy, he always replies with something that makes me feel like traveling to the moon is in my grasp. Having him in my corner reminds me that nothing I want is unachievable. It's really a beautiful message to send to our girls too. I hope my girls leap when they feel they want to, not just when it seems practical.

Anywho, about this space. We are turning the family desk/storage area of our home into an office space for this mama bear. I'd like to have everything pertaining to my business in one space with organization, and a sense of privacy when I need it. I'm glad this is an option. Justin came home with this huge dry erase board for me to brainstorm, jot down quick notes, etc. He installed it after dinner, and it looks so great! I plan on framing my business license on the wall close to my desk ( I just got the tangible copy in the mail today), and setting up the new business supplies I got too! I don't know why these things literally have me excited like Christmas morning, but I'm seriously so giddy about this entire process!

I absolutely love the marketing aspect that comes along with promoting your business. I've started from the bottom, and watching myself make even the tiniest stride causes me to just celebrate, BIG. Here lately I have been feeling the repercussions of having a business that is picking up clientele, and I've had to do some serious soul searching to see where my limitations lie. I don't want to lose out on time with my family on the only two days we have together in a week.. but I know sacrifices need to be made in order for my new business to thrive. Time management definitely rings a bell here, and I will definitely be taking much needed time away once Olivia makes her entrance into our world. I truly love this best about being my own boss. I say when I want to do something, I decide when I want to close up shop for a bit, and I decide when too much is too much.

This weekend I'll be putting even more personal touches to the office space, in between spending much needed time with my extended family and taking on a couple of sessions if the weather permits. My hope for anyone who reads this is that realize that the sky truly is the limit. We can achieve anything. And with how crazy life is, we should leap at each opportunity we can.

Happy Friday all!

♥- Leilani

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