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Monday, December 14, 2015
My toddler actually went down for a nap today, so this mama has a free moment to blog out this past week. And, yes. Sadly, Miss Ava has decided to completely kick her beloved nap time... and while it's taken a bit of an adjustment for our family, we are working out the kinks. I shouldn't say she's gotten rid of naps entirely, she just no longer prefers to go down at the "normal" time. We've had to push up lunch time so she eats prior to a nap, and now she goes down around 1-2.. but we don't allow her to sleep past 3pm. Sleeping past three means no bedtime at 8pm... and our bedtime routine CANNOT be changed. Ava gets the perfect amount of sleep at night when she goes down accordingly. I should probably write up a 2.5 year old update on my little girl, I'll make a mental note to do that sometime before Olivia arrives.

Anywho, like always, this week has been mega busy. More busy due to the fact that we are prepping for our trip to New York for the holidays. We've been on the go and shopping much more than I'd like (surprising, right?), and getting our travel gear squared away. I ordered a snowsuit for Ava from OshKosh.. only to find out that my toddler is indeed officially in everything that is 3T clothing.. including coats and heavier clothing items. I was floored, but we had to exchange it. We picked up some super cute festive clothing, the new snow suit, and various other items for Ava for her new size of clothing. We also bought her a new carseat for traveling purposes. Don't get me wrong. I ABSOLUTELY love our Chicco Nextfit Convertible Seat, but it is huge, heavy, and bulky.. not truly ideal for traveling. Since we made the decision to gate check her seat, we also had the risk of damaging her expensive seat.. I wasn't okay with that. After talking to a million traveling parents, reading online, and calling the airline for help.. we finally decided to buy an aircraft approved, lighter, more manageable seat for our travels.

We made a list of food items to pick up this week for our plan ride, and we loaded up Ava's tablet with fun movies, apps, and games to keep her well entertained during our airtime. We even purchased headphones specifically for younger tots. I love how comfortable they seems and Ava's ease with them. I feel like I've called the airline a million times just to make sure I've got everything correct. I was really pleased with the fact that there is such a thing as family boarding with this airline. With it being the holiday season, I was worried we wouldn't be able to sit together, but right after the A class folks board, they call for families! We will be boarding well before 100 other passengers.. that eased my worries a ton.

The last time I flew with Ava bug, she wasn't even 8 months old... can i just say how relieved and excited I am to be traveling as a family? I know having Justin with us will make this trip even smoother than I'm imaging. My main goal is to stay hydrated during the flight, keep my compression socks on to help with swelling and such, and walking as much as I can. I absolutely DO NOT want to go into labor while we are on vacation, so I will definitely be taking OVERLY good care of myself while we are away and during our plane rides.

Speaking of, I got to see my littlest girl this morning.. and it was just amazing. Seeing her weigh in at 5 lbs 3 oz was foreign to me.. due to the fact that her big sister nearly weighed that at birth. I truly think we are going to have a 7 lb 6 oz babe... and if that's so, she'll weigh as much as her mama did at delivery. I could tell the discomforts I've been feeling lately came on a lot sooner than I remember them with Ava. I had a photo session yesterday and got really low to get great shots of the baby boy I was taking photos of.. yeah, I'm paying for that today. I'm achy, I have a bruise, and I am so incredibly tired.  Justin is pretty much off work for the rest of the week, so it's so nice to have his support and helping hands.

I have a 35 week OB appointment tomorrow, since I won't be in state for my 36 week appointment, and my fingers are crossed that everything will still check out amazing with my pregnancy. My biggest worry at this point for my pregnancy has been my potential gestational diabetes.. with my numbers being so excellent, Olivia's growth scans being so perfect, and the fact that I have no other risks.. I'm feeling pretty cloud 9 right about now. Here's to the last five weeks or so I have of pregnancy. I still can't believe how quickly these last 9 months have flown by, but I am most certainly ready to be a family of four.

Here's the best profile pic they could snag of our sweet Livy bean! 

Happy Monday all!

♥- Leilani

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