39 Weeks

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Well, here we are. Sitting at just 7 days until my predicted due date. I had an OB appointment this morning and it was most definitely more hectic than I anticipated. I went into this appointment knowing that the OB would want to check my progression (again) to see if I had progressed at all from last week. I did not know that I would end up with an involuntary membrane sweep... Yeah, that was pretty unexpected. I'm actually pretty upset about the fact that she just did it without my consent and I am filing an ICE complaint against the OB that decided to just take matters into her own hands. My goal this pregnancy was simple. I just wanted nature to take it's course and to have things occur on their own. This pregnancy is uncomplicated without risks, and all I heard this morning was how "dangerous" it is to go to 40 weeks.. or even past my due date. This was the first time that I had even heard that in my pregnancy with Olivia, so you could imagine my bewilderment... but onto better news! As of today, I am 3-4 centimeters dilated, I am 90% effaced, and measuring at 40 weeks. Olivia's heart rate was in the mid 140's, and she's doing perfectly! This very well may be the last pregnancy update I have.. so here it is! 

How far Along39 Weeks

Nicknames for baby: Livy Bean, Olivia

Size of babyAn estimated 7 and 1/2 pounds (the size of a mini watermelon) 

Gender: It's a girl! 

Symptoms: Charlie horse leg cramps (OUCH, OUCH), breast tenderness, pelvic straining, itchy belly, and contractions.

Best moment this week: Being seven days away from my due date is really amazing. If I don't go into labor in the next day, I'll have officially been more pregnant with Olivia than I was with Ava bug. Feeling ready and prepped for the arrival of this baby girl just feels so incredibly wonderful. Everything in this house is ready, including her big sister and parents!

Movement: Whenever I lay still, she is moving. I love it so, so much.

Food Cravings: Fish sticks (surprisingly, my second round in this pregnancy). Cranberry juice.


What I Miss: This is ironic, but I already miss this pregnancy. I can't believe how quickly it went by and I know with her arrival just hours/days away, things are going to go by even faster with a newborn. I didn't rush things this time around, I wasn't impatient. It's very bitter sweet to have experienced. 

Sleep: I get extremely good sleep, once I am out, I am out! Except, I started drooling (yuck). BUT I do get interrupted if a Charlie horse comes about in the middle of the night.

Justin: There isn't anything I can say that I haven't already said about this man. Pregnancy with him being in garrison was a complete game changer for us. Having to deal with the skyrocketed emotions from one another, the irritations, the new found "norm" for intimacy... it was most certainly a lot to take in and establish common ground. I know Justin is more than ready to meet Olivia and to see his wife go back to being "normal" if that's even what I'd call it? Ultimately, I am grateful his support has been so abundant and available to me.
Ava: I love my sweet bug so, so, so, so, so MUCH. Seriously there were so many bleak days during this pregnancy with her baby sister... having Ava's loving spirit and warm demeanor helped on more occasions than one. I have never felt more confident that she is going to make an exceptional big sister, and I know she can't wait to see the baby we've been talking about for months. Having Ava was the reason we knew we wanted more kiddos, so in large part this is happening because of the little person she is.
What I am looking forward to this week: I am looking forward to seeing if the membrane sweep actually puts me into labor, or if i'll be writing up a 40 week pregnancy update for all of you.

Happy or moody most of the time: I am definitely happy, but I've also been very stressed. Having gone through being sick, now a cold sore, and this icky Washington weather... I literally just threw my hands up and just decided to roll with the punches... I mean I don't really have a choice anyways, why not just learn to dance in the rain? I'm trying to keep myself in the best spirits possible and stay focused on the fact that I am going to be experiencing childbirth again very soon.

Here's a short video I made so you can see the nasty that is my cold sore, ha!

P.S. excuse the eyebrows.. totally had a malfunction.

♥- Leilani

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