Tips For Flying (While 36-37 weeks pregnant)

Monday, January 11, 2016
This has been a highly requested blog post since I traveled to New York while being a day shy of 36 weeks pregnant. I was so nervous when I got closer to our travel date, simply because everything on the internet talks about all the cons of flying later in pregnancy. There were very few resources I found that were actually helpful, but the amount of worries with a pregnant woman flying were abundant. I have mentioned in other posts that my flying experience was far from terrible, and that part was true. We had a couple contingencies while traveling that were airline related, but other than that, it was a smooth trip both ways for me. The two MAJOR things that really assisted me during our travels were:

1) Compression Socks
2) Hydration
3) Hygiene toilet seat covers
4) Comfy clothes/ loose fitting shoes

I was most nervous about dealing with blood clots and/or swelling in my feet from being so high in altitude and I really think the compression socks helped immensely. I had zero swelling, zero blood clots, and absolutely no pain in my legs what so ever. On the way back home, I didn't get up and walk around nearly as much as I should have, but even then, I had zero discomforts. I slept more on the plane ride home then I did on the plane ride to New York. I did get up and walk to and from the bathroom each time I had to go, but that wasn't nearly as much walking as some do. Each of our flights were completely packed (holiday travels, gotta love them), so I didn't like having to move my way through isles of toddlers, people sleeping with half their bodies in the isles, etc.

I brought my filtered Brita bottle on board, and I made sure to take advantage of the complimentary drinks that were being served by the flight attendants. When I wasn't drinking, I made sure to suck on ice cubes. It was a pain in the rear to continue to get up to use the bathroom so frequently, but it did work out. I also made sure to bring my own toilet seat covers that I ordered from Amazon... Boy, am I glad I did this. Not only are airplane restrooms freakishly small, but NONE of the Southwest bathrooms came equipped with toilet seat covers. I seriously would have lost my marbles if I hadn't brought my own. I am a germ FREAK when it comes to public restrooms, and airplane bathrooms are not exception. That really isn't pregnancy related, but for a woman that already feels huge and would like to use the restroom with added comfort... yes, those toilet seat covers are golden.

Dressing comfortably was also the smart way to go. I think everyone who travels for the most part, dresses comfortably. I worse a lose fitting sweat outfit that I bought a week before we left, I also wore really loose Roxy boots that I could slip on and off really easily. My feet never hurt, but they did get a bit sweaty at times from the compressions socks. Justin took care of Ava bug pretty much during the entire time we were actually traveling and I can't rave enough how much of a saving grace that was. I got sleep when I wanted to, Ava and daddy got to have some quality time together, and when we were landing... I got to glance at them looking out the window at the pretty city lights.

If I had to mention a couple other tips or discomforts.. I would say to sit on the isle row. With a family of 3 in our own seats, it was so nice not to sit next to strangers. I sat on the outside so I could access the bathroom a lot easier. My pregnant belly was too big for me to put my table down in front of me (huge bummer), but either Justin or Ava sat in the middle, so I just used their table. We had a lot of luggage during our travels as well, but the only thing I carried was Ava's gate checked carseat from time to time. Justin was such a trooper with gathering all of our carry on bags, and checking the huge luggage bags that needed to be checked. Walking through the airlines wasn't completely ideal either, but if we were early enough to our seats, I got to sit and relax and put my feet up.

Overall, that's all I took into consideration while flying just days away from my due date. When I got home, I did head to Labor and Delivery triage to get myself and the babe checked out, we both got a clean bill of health. This pregnancy has also been low risk and uncomplicated, which allowed me to receive the green lights from my providers. Had there have been some concerns, I most definitely would not have risked traveling at all. Every pregnancy, every woman, and every situation is completely different. I would still recommend discussing travel plans with your provider, assessing the risk factors for flying, and then making the best educated decision from there.

If you have any further additional questions, or if there was something I didn't list that you were eager to know, feel free to email or message me!

Happy Monday all!

♥- Leilani

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