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Friday, January 8, 2016
I was a bit anxious about heading to my 38 week OB appointment yesterday morning, simply because of the crazy travels I made during the holiday season. Even though I got the green light, I do believe that I put my body through a lot more than I anticipated.... so much that I don't plan on flying again for a good while. I know that sounds like I had a terrible experience ( I didn't), but it really wasn't that. Running through airports, getting sick from being in gross airports, frantically trying to pack everything we brought AND then some.... it just wasn't ideal for being "this pregnant" and I don't ever want to do that again. I stressed myself completely, which I absolutely hate doing.. especially while pregnant. I ended up with this gnarly cold AND cold sores on top of that! Talk about getting slammed. Things haven't slowed down since we've been home either.. I'm whooped!

When we arrived for my appointment, they were running about 20 minutes behind (absolutely hate this), but somehow I managed to just relax and soak up the entertainment that Ava was providing. Justin just came off a long guard shift at 6am and even though I knew he was exhausted, he came along anyways. When we got called back it didn't take very long for the doc to show up. This doctor was the same one I initially saw during the earlier months of my pregnancy. She's knowledgable but also extremely busy it seems. She took my fundal height and I am measuring at 39.5 weeks. Livy's heartbeat has been consistent in the 130's this entire pregnancy, which proved to be true yesterday as well. I allowed her to check my cervix for dilation and such.... this was the most shocking part. I am 3 centimeters dilated and 75% effaced. The doctor kept saying how she could feel Olivia's head and proceeded to allow me to feel what she was talking about while she was checking me.

This was such a reality check for Justin. I would say myself as well, but with all the symptoms of being 38 weeks pregnant rearing their ways... reality set in quite some time ago. Once he heard the OB say that she didn't expect me to actually make it to my due date, let alone my 39 week appointment, I saw a shift in him. He frantically started talking about all the things that still needed to be done. "We need to wash all of Olivia's clothes, like as soon as we get home!" He barked. That was like his biggest thing. The last thing on our to do list is pack the hospital bags. We've only been back home less than a week, and each day we've made some kind of progress.

As of last night, the Christmas decorations (from the inside), have been taken down and boxed up. The baby swing has found it's place in the living room, and we made room for the full size pack and play for the dining room/living room area. I have washed all of the immediate clothes we will use for Livy for her first few weeks. The bassinet and changing area have already been established in our master bedroom too. I do need to prep her little joey cloth diapers in the next coming days, but everything feels so rushed now that I've progressed far more than we expected at this point. In four days I'll be 39 weeks pregnant and it still feels like we've got so much to do to prep.

My sister is an absolute saving grace in this entire ordeal. She is able to (at the drop of a call), come on post to stay with Ava while I labor and deliver Olivia. I can't tell you how much of a relief and blessing that is wrapped into one. Ava absolutely adores her Aunt "GiGi" so I know she'll be having a blast in my absence. So now we continue to have the waiting game occur. If I'm being completely honest, I am totally okay with making it to my due date.. or even past. The cold sore attacks have got me in such a funk because I want to be able to KISS my newborn after I deliver her earth side. I'm trying to take things easy, I'm not engaging in any funny business (sorry babe), and I truly just want things to take the most natural course they can.

On that note, I'm off! I ordered a new hospital bag for myself and Olivia (which should be arriving today), and I need to start prepping what I want to bring. I still need to find some comfy nursing bras and grab some hygiene stuff for the hospital stay, but other than that.. we are ready. It's crazy to say that, but we are ready for this baby girl to arrive whenever she's ready.

♥- Leilani

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