Olivia Rose: Birth Story

Monday, January 25, 2016
A date to remember for sure, because... not only did Justin and I celebrate five years of marriage, we celebrated Olivia Rose making her grand arrival earth side! That is right, my little girl is finally here. I didn't write up a public birth story for her older sister, and in the spirit of tradition I won't do that for our second addition either. I will, however, go over the brief logistics that landed me with this sweet newborn in my arms. She's just 4 days old as I write this and I just can't get enough of her new smell, sweet cheeks, and extremely precious baby feet. It all started on the 20th of January. As most of you know I went past my due date (totally didn't expect this) and as a result I started frantically trying everything "natural" to try and induce my labor. I was completely against being medically induced because I knew my body was capable of doing this. Well, after taking castor oil, ending up in labor and delivery with an elevated blood pressure, and the potential risk of gestational diabetes from a few weeks earlier in my pregnancy... the providers wanted to admit me in the hospital that same day.... to start a medical induction.

They went over the risks of being this pregnant, and if you know me.... I am definitely not one to take any risks when it comes to the well being of my babies. In those moments with the provider, I just let go of everything. I let go of pride, wants, and what birth "should look like" and that was exactly what I needed. I reminded myself that each road I wanted to take or didn't want to take for that matter had the same end goal. MAKING SURE OLIVIA ARRIVES SAFELY AND HEALTHY. I opted not to be admitted right away, as their concerns were not emergency level and we needed to make child care plans for Ava bug. My sister was able to watch Bug for a solid 12+ hours before she had to work so we opted to go in the evening to get the induction started. Only one problem.. Since I left labor and delivery, they had admitted six women. Six women who actually went on to deliver their babies over the course of the next 8.5 hours. They had no room for us and while Justin had to talk me through what we were about to do, I was so upset that we found ourselves (ironically) playing another waiting game.

I started thinking about just how crucial it was to be induced. I mean if they didn't have room for me then it couldn't be that pressing of an issue, right? Justin reassured me we were doing the right thing and instead of mopping around, I eventually went to bed. We got the call around 330 am that we had the green light to come in and get things started. Luckily my sister stayed the night so she'd be with Ava bug for at least the next 3.5 hours. It took us less than an hour to get ready and head to labor and delivery, and it took about 7-8 hours for me to be in full blown active labor. I was given pitocin to bring on contractions, and boy did they work. In my worst of moments I remember shaking, holding onto Justin for dear life, and crying all at the same time. I had never experienced contractions this strong when I gave birth to Ava, and every bone in my body felt as if it were going to shatter. I wasn't screaming or yelling, but I was in tears. The pain was absolutely excruciating.

That being said, support is truly everything. Our birth photographer was nothing short of amazing. She provided so much support, so much more than what she was actually hired to do. She voiced her opinions, and suggested things for me to try while laboring. She helped Justin and kind of assisted in his coaching. I couldn't have asked for a better pair in that room with me. My husband being present for this birth was a gift all by itself. I was so incredibly proud of him and how he aided me in my time of need. The last thing I remember during our birthing experience was pushing Olivia out. I looked at Justin's face just filled with complete emotion and excitement. I heard him say, "Babe you need to push, you can do this!" Just an overflow of encouragement. Each time I pushed ( a total of five pushes to bring this baby girl earth side), I watched his face change. As he saw more of our baby girl emerge, I could see the excitement in his eyes. Moments later, Olivia was placed on my chest.

A whopping 8 pounds 1.8 ounces and she is 19.49 inches long. I could not believe I had birthed this beautiful little princess... and without any type of tears, abrasions, or full blown inflammation. She latched onto my breast like a complete champ, and she's been nursing effectively since. Having that "golden hour" of uninterrupted time with our new babe was incredible. I opted to have Justin pick up Ava so she could experience this time with us and I know apart of him didn't want to leave. He wasn't gone too long, in fact, just in time for our birth photographer to wrap up our experience together with a few family photos. In those moments, life could not have been any sweeter. You wait for these moments for so long, you dream about them, you wish for them... and even still, nothing compares to the moment you meet your newborn. Each and every one of us has fallen head over heels for Miss Livy. Ava has given her infinite kisses, head rubs, and eskimo kisses. Justin has been able to experience "the fresh" days that he wasn't able to with Ava bug. He's been so cautious of everything, since the moment she was born. It makes my heart gush to watch him in his papa bear mode. I have been... I have been, complete. There are no other words to describe it, but when I do fall short with words, there are always pictures. Take a look at a few of the photos captured from Olivia's birth.

♥- Leilani

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