One Week Old

Thursday, January 28, 2016
And just like that, Olivia Rose is one week old. We have been on a blissful cloud of absolute joy and have experienced being incandescently happy as a family of four. We've been adjusting to life with two children so much more easily than I anticipated. Shockingly, the biggest factor in our new found normal is Ava bug (more on this in my postpartum update). Miss Livy is one of the sweetest newborn babes I have ever met (bias, totally), and her demeanor reminds me a lot of her big sister when she was a newborn. It's been five days since we left the hospital, but I wanted to do a full update of the first week of life so I can look back on it for always.

Day 1: She came out with a perfect latch, loved her skin/skin with mama and daddy, and co-slept in my hospital bed. I think Justin barely slept a real wink, as this was his first time experiencing a birth in person & staying the night with me during a hospital stay after baby. Very typical newborn attitude, with the exception of nursing. I never had to wake Olivia up to nurse. Each time I nodded off, this babe was up shortly after to nurse. Big sister came in the morning and we got pictures, bonding time, and our placenta was delivered to the gal that does placenta encapsulations. She had her first bath in the afternoon, and we got her first wet diaper and the infamous meconium poos as well. The 24 hour newborn testings were done as well, and daddy stayed with her each and everywhere she went. Livy passed her hearing test, bilirubin levels were normal ranged, and she had her metobalic screening done.

Day 2: Livy lost less than 5% of her newborn weight, her vitals looked excellent throughout our entire hospital stay, and each of the staff members (PEDS, RNS, LPNS) noted how strong this baby girl is. She has such great head control for a new babe. She's strong and insisted on trying to hold herself up during her weight check. She continued to poo at least 5 or 6 more times throughout the fresh 48 hours of her life, and the peeing was extremely consistent too. She co-slept with mama during her second day of life as well. When we got home, baby girl slept. I mean she slept for hours on end. Justin took care of Ava bug and allowed me to sleep as well. The first night how was extremely easy. Olivia nursed and she slept. I changed her after each feeding (she poos after each time she eats). As much as i didn't want to co-sleep in our bed, it happened.

Day 3: Livy was present for her first Broncos AFC Championship game! We tried out our sakura bloom ring sling for the first time, our moby wrap, and she slept a great deal. We noticed her bowel movements were more of the traditional yellow-seedy kind instead of the meconium. She indulged in mama's milk as it came in pretty noticeably. A lot of sleeping took place on day 3. For both baby and mama.

Day 4: Olivia was seen by the same PEDS doctor that sees big sister Ava. Everything looked great. Bilirubin levels were great, she passed her discharge birth weight from the hospital, and vitals were all great as well. PEDS doc noted (just like the mama/baby unit staff) that Olivia was very strong. We got our sweet girl enrolled in DEERS and  TRICARE, now we just have to wait out the turnaround for her birth certificate. She did great for our first family outing since leaving the hospital. No tears when placed in the carseat, and she slept in the car like a champ.

Day 5: Livy has been spending more time awake during the day... but we experienced our first "all nighter" since she was born. Mama was exhausted, baby fussed quite a bit.. it was a long night. This little girl has not slept more than 30 minutes in her bassinet since we brought her home, and i've resorted to trying to swaddle her (against her liking) to try and help ease her into the transition from mama's bed to her own.

Day 6: Since we had our first long night, i decided to try and assist in Olivia's days and night being mixed up. We opened all the windows, interacted with her a lot more during the daylight, and Ava bug was able to get some one on one time with sister too. Olivia is so alert. When her eyes are opened, she's looking around, smiling, and engaged with whoever is talking to her. At this point, she nurses a few times in an hour if she's awake. She definitely empties both breasts and she passes a bowel movement pretty much after every feeding. She's a little more irritable in the afternoon, especially when we tried to take pictures of her. She loves being warm (like any newborn), and she loves to snuggle. She went to bed with total ease this evening, no all nighter, and mama woke up feel refreshed.

Day 7: Today has been a fairly easy day too. It rained all last night, but baby girl slept right through the pitter pats from the storm. She woke up happy and ready to eat (this is her favorite pass time). We took pictures of her with big sister Ava and she was so alert and mellow through it all. She cuddled with daddy while mommy cleaned up around the house a bit, and she offered up some sweet smiles in her sleep. As of today her umbilical stump is still present, though it's starting to fall off. Her newborn skin is peeling, and baby acne is fading away.

One week old 
♥- Leilani

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