Postpartum Care

Friday, January 29, 2016
A lot of the questions I've been asked about my labor and delivery experience have also included a ton of questions about my postpartum status. I mentioned in my previous post that I had no tears, abrasions, or cuts from delivering my sweet Livy bean, and that factor in and of itself is truly a blessing. I didn't have any type of tears with Ava bug either, so I'm extremely glad the physical aspect of delivery between both girls will be fairly the same. I haven't really experienced inflammation either, but I did prep myself for all types of care that I could potentially utilize after delivery. Here is a list of things I have used consistently, and some of the things I haven't used at all.

Constant Use
  • Perri bottle
  • cold pack pads (only during the first night at the hospital)
  • large maxi pads + mama cloth postpartum pads
  • placenta pills 
Things I Haven't Used At All
  • arnica
  • medi honey 
  • witch hazel
  • colace 
  • earth mama angel baby bum balm
I also thought I'd be using my earth mama angel baby nipple cream a lot more as well.. I have only used it once. I haven't experienced painful nipples, engorgement, or any other breastfeeding discomforts this time around. The only pain I truly felt after delivery was in my tailbone, but I've been told this is due to the metal rod in hospital beds... and the slight pain when using the bathroom. Other than that, I've felt pretty amazing. My uterine contracting back down to size didn't bother me at all and I think that's why I didn't use arnica at all. Olivia is such a great eater, and nursing truly is the best way to get that uterus back down to size faster (at least for me). I'm only eight days postpartum and I am starting to feel more like myself each day. 

I was concerned about my mental health after delivery as well, but I'm pleased to report I don't have the case of the blues, I'm stuck on cloud 9 at the moment. I'm not sure if the placenta pills are working exceptionally well, or it's just my demeanor after having a new babe... either way, I can't complain. I did have one instance where I tried to pick Ava up (big mistake), but other than that there  haven't been any hiccups in my postpartum road to recovery. 

I never really track my weight on a scale, but for amusement, I did hop on one a few days ago. I am 27 pounds down from what I was at delivery. It's insane to me how much weight is added to our bodies when growing a baby. My diet has been fairly bland (don't want to irritate Olivia's new digestive system), and I've been chugging fluids like you wouldn't believe. My snacks consist of yogurt, fruits, and a lot of noodles. 

Justin has been completely amazing with assisting with my needs and the needs of our girls and I know he's a big reason why I am doing so well. He's been cleaning the house, taking care of Ava bug pretty much all the time, and allowing me to rest as often as I need to. The support I'm receiving from my other half during this time has definitely been needed and oh so appreciated. 

I definitely plan on updating you guys on how things are PP at the two week mark and again at the six week mark when I have my PP appointment. Hopefully things continue to be smooth sailing.

♥- Leilani

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