Ava's First Trip To The Dentist

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Our big girl had her very first trip to the dentist and I'm proud to report that it went so, SO incredibly awesome. Since Ava bug still has her baby teeth and she's only 2, this trip wasn't exactly necessary, but we want her to get familiar with all aspects of future medical care. I tried making this first visit happen for months and months before...but it just didn't happen because I wanted to include Justin )he's been apart of all of her firsts), but his schedule last year was just so incredibly hectic. Anywho, we ended up going in with all four of us in tow in the new mom wagon. The suite is being remodeled so at first glance, i wasn't super impressed with the outside facility and Ava seemed a little apprehensive too. When we walked in, all of that changed. The office is extremely nice with a really nice area filled with toys for little ones. Olivia was asleep, so Justin watched the girls while I filled out new patient paper work. 

The staff was extremely punctual and got us in not long after we filled out the paperwork. When Ava got a glance at the pretty chairs.. she was on cloud 9. She gladly got on the chair, put on the headphones for the moving that was playing from the t.v. on the ceiling, and she even let the dental assistance place glasses (brightness factor) over her eyes. I knew my girl would be more interested in all the tools being used, so I wasn't surprised when she made the decision to take the glasses off. She was so intrigued by the dental floss, the water gadget, and the instrument used to brush her teeth. The Dentist of the practice commented on how awesome Ava's demeanor was and told Justin and I that we should be proud.

She then proceeded to call Ava an awesome blossom and took a peek at her teeth. She reported that Ava's teeth were completely perfect. She has all her teeth and they are beautiful. She does have an under bite, but that will likely fix itself when her bigger teeth come in. The dentist had zero concerns and were impressed with how well Ava brushes her teeth. In the seat directly across from us a little boy (about Ava's age) was bawling his head off because he didn't want anyone looking into his mouth. I was really shocked because the staff wasn't intrusive at all. The dentist said it really just depends on the characteristics of the kiddo. Some kids love medical visits, others not so much. Had me really wondering what Olivia will be like at her first dental visit. 

♥- Leilani

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