Olivia: 6 months old

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
My sweet Olivia Rose has transformed into a stronger, mobile, and a partially self entertaining six month old baby... just in the last four weeks. I have no clue what sparked such an advancement, but our girl just took off with no indication that she will slow down. FAST is the one word that pops out when i discuss my second babe and how the past six months of her life have gone. The days, the months, the time just goes by so much faster with your second child. It makes me so incredibly emotional, but also very excited for what the future has in store for us. I can't wait to see our girls interacting and playing on a toddler/preschool level. I have so much to tell you guys in this update, so let's get to it! 

Clothes: My child is OFFICIALLY IN 9 MONTH CLOTHING. Yes, I literally boxed up all of the six month clothing almost two weeks ago. This happened over night. Her last update mentioned how we were using 6-9 month clothing (some outfits still are 6-9 month) and that's pretty seldom as well. We established care in our new city and Olivia was over 17 pounds.. I guess that's the moment I should have realized that she would soon be switching sizes. I am glad we didn't invest in purchasing so many new clothing items.. Olivia is growing right through alllll the clothes! 

Health: Olivia had her second cold this past week. It wasn't major, in fact it was actual less severe than the first cold she had. She had a bit of a runny nose, but that's about it. Big sister had a full on cold - I'm guessing this is where Livy got it from. Other than that, Olivia is a healthy little bean! She's got great numbers with weight, height, and head circumference... and we are all set for her six month well baby today! 

Feeding: We are still exclusively nursing... for another few hours. Today is the day that our sweet girl will be introduced to solid foods and a sippy cup. I'm really excited to be making baby food again, and I hope that Olivia loves sweet potatoes (first food we tried with her big sister). I'm extremely proud of myself for avoiding the use of a breast pump for the months that I exclusively breastfed. It was so incredibly important for me to prevent outside factors from interfering with my supply. Since exclusively breastfeeding is coming to a close, I might try pumping simply to add more liquids in the solid foods we make. 

Sleep: Thankful for my AMAZING sleeper! Olivia has developed her own routine for sleep during the day and she sleeps straight through the night. During the day she has a morning nap at around 930? Maybe 10? That is usually about 30-45 minutes of sleep. At around 12-1pm, Olivia will sleep for easily 90 minutes. The next nap she has isn't until closer to dinner time, or right after dinner time. We get ready for bed and she sleeps from 8-8. It is absolutely glorious and we are so blessed that her sleep schedule has only gotten better with time! 

Milestones: Olivia is CRAWLING! That's right, we have a mobile baby! In our last update she was scooting.. now we have a baby that can go anywhere in this house. She also said "dada" for the first time a week ago. We got it on video too! Justin was a big ball of gush. Sometimes I hear her say "Ma" "Na" but no mama or nana. Our sweet girl has some swollen gums as of today... I think we may have a teething six month old on our hands. Olivia can also pull herself up to the sitting position and stay there without any support from us. It's incredibly impressive and insane that my six month old is doing ALL of this! She's so incredibly strong and she's got a great grip.. I mean, she's just developing so wonderfully. We are blessed!

Things You Love: Ava is always at the top of the list here. You play with your older sister in such a beautiful way. She makes you laugh so MUCH. You love being on the floor and playing with all the toys that aren't designed for babies. You crawl to anything you want... even chairs, entertainment centers, you know.. all the "hazardous areas" for your six month old self. You still love falling asleep on daddy's chest ( I love this so much). You enjoy peek-a-boo very much so (still) and you love kisses on your sweet cheeks! Bath time has always been a favorite in this house for you and you also love bedtime stories as of late. You love being tickled, loved on, and listening to your sister sing her favorite theme songs.

♥- Leilani

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