Recruiting Life: 30 days in

Sunday, July 31, 2016
I'm actually writing this just a little bit early, but while the subject is fresh on my brain, why not share? This week (on Thursday to be exact) Justin will have been in USAREC for 30 days. It has been such a whirlwind for our family... definitely different from Justin being on the line, but we are finding a normal in the mists of all the change. I think the best part of this entire situation is the fact that we do see Justin every single morning and every single night. Because I'm such a big fan of all things organization and lists.. you guessed it right? Yep. Below is a PRO + CON list for our current situation.

  1. NO deployments. (This is definitely a major plus)
  2. NO field time (definitely won't be missing those 30+ days of the husband being away)
  3. NO 24 hour duties
  4. Justin is home every morning for breakfast 
  5. Justin is home every night
  6. Sundays are guaranteed days off (as far as I know)
  7. If he converts to 79R, we can literally live anywhere in the USA
  8. He will be able to put in for quarterly leave, if he wants to
  9. He gets to wear civilian clothes on Fridays + Saturdays
  1. Justin works until after 7pm ALMOST every single night (except Saturdays so far)
  2. The FRG is pretty non-existent here.. ZERO family support for military families
  3. We don't get to talk to each other during the day, like at all. He tries to shoot an I love you text when he can or call while he's out prospecting (those are appreciated)
  4. We will never see Justin for lunch or dinner the next 3 years (meal times are family time for us)
  5. He misses Ava's activity classes due to working on Saturday
  6. His stress level is so much higher than it was while he was on the line
  7. Only one person from the station can be on leave at a time (won't be traveling during the holidays to see family, that's for sure)
  8. The girls only get to spend time with their dad 1 day a week
  9. Justin feels like he's missing out on a lot because he works so much.. sometimes he comes home and the girls are already asleep
  10.  I feel like I never see my husband. I saw him more when he was on the line - that's with him leaving for training and such too
The negatives of recruiting are so incredibly overwhelming. From the outside looking in, it's just awful. They are essentially making these soldiers sell a dream that isn't for everyone.. if they fail to sell that dream X number of times in a month.. longer days, loss of weekends, who knows what else I've heard some people explain how much they love this type of lifestyle, I've heard many who've shared how much they hate it. Granted we are only 30 days in and things could very well change over the next month.. but I'm not hopeful. 

I am focusing on making the time we have together count. For the girls sake and my own. I try to remind myself that things could be worse... and there are plenty of people in the civilian spectrum that work jobs with even more hours.. or 2 jobs.. or opposite work schedules from their SO. There is a lot of good to relish in for our situation, and with the good comes the not so good stuff... just trying to take deep breaths and take it in stride.

From his first week of recruiting!

♥- Leilani

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