NYC: Statue Of Liberty + Ellis Island

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
During our visit to New York, we decided to brave the big city with our girls. Let me just say, it was most definitely worth the trip. We decided literally the night before that we were definitely going to purchase tickets to see the Statue Of Liberty and visit Ellis Island. We ended up leaving at almost 5 in the morning and we arrived in New York City a little after 8am? maybe longer with traffic. We found parking much quicker than anticipated - which was conveniently located just 5 minutes away from the ferry we needed to get on. Battery Park was nothing extravagant, but it definitely had character. Lots of trees, tranquil space, and even places for wine + beer for park dining right in the middle of everything. I was so impressed with how peaceful this park was. Especially since we were in the city, I was expected it to be overpopulated and stuffy. 

After we got our tickets squared away, we hopped on the ferry and headed to see Miss Liberty. It was an emotional experience watching as the ferry grew closer to the statue. You never know how you are going to feel about something historical until you are actually in the throws of it. I have known about the statue of liberty and ellis island since before I can actually remember. but being able to relish in that kind of history is a completely humbling experience. Having my children there made the experience that much better for me. When we arrived, we were free to roam the grounds as we pleased. We stopped into the gift shops and discovered some pretty cool stuff. We made note of where we could purchase lunch and then we took off to take in the sights. 

It was so much warmer than we anticipated and I would be lying if I said that the heat made it almost unbearable with wearing a baby and lugging around all of our stuff. I didn't complain though and neither did Justin - though Ava conned him into carrying her almost the entire trip. Even still, we managed to learn some cool facts, take in the skyline of NYC, and admire the statue. There were so many trees and birds on liberty island and Ava was extremely fascinated with them. We opted out of using the audio tour guide since we had little ones with us and after we made our round around Lady Liberty, we picked up some informational pamphlets and got lunch. 

The only downside to the trees and the birds..bugs! Bees were swarming all around while we tried to eat. We actually ended up moving inside, but this was truly the only downside to our visit. Especially since it was so warm outside.I really liked being able to board the ferry at our own leisure as they were arriving in 20 minute intervals to head over to the next stop. I think we spent 1.5 hours or 2 hours on liberty island before we boarded for Ellis? Maybe a little longer?

Ellis island was incredible. I soaked in the architectural charms, the history, and the information that was provided for us. Olivia was asleep at this point but I know that Ava was getting restless. She wanted to jump, run, and move around like we had on Liberty island. Even still, she managed to go through each room with us as best as she could. We couldn't ask much more of her, she did pretty darn well for her preschool self! We didn't stay at Ellis as long as we would have liked, but we definitely got to soak in that culture and surroundings. 

Overall the trip was one for the books and I was so impressed with how my little family tackled NYC with ease. We will most definitely be back and this was a trip I will never forget! I am completely backed up on editing photos from our New York trip overall, but I thought I'd share a few shots I got. 

♥- Leilani

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