Olivia: 9 months old

Friday, October 21, 2016
Ahh, 9 months already. This past month with Olivia Rose was a breath of fresh air. Teething has stopped tormenting our baby to the fullest extreme and her sweet personality has been emerging quite frequently. I have seen so much change, growth, and personality in my girl since my last update. We spent the last couple of weeks in New York and Olivia had a lot of firsts occur during vacation. She spent a lot of time on green grass in the country, she ate a lot of solid foods (nana's cooking was so yummy to her), and she was surrounded by more people than she ever has been in her life (cousins, uncles, aunts, etc). We did go through a bit of separation anxiety because of all the loving family members that wanted to hold her... and she wasn't able to have mama directly in her view. 

Clothes: We have officially moved to 12 months clothes entirely! I packed away all the 9 month clothes just before our trip to New York and I pulled out some 12-18 month clothing just to be on the safe side. I cannot believe that my nine month old is already in 12 month clothing. It's not like the clothes are extremely loose on her either. They fit well. So happy that our growing girl is moving on up! 

Health: Happy to report that we have had minimal bumps/falls/spills over the last month. I won't lie, I think I've gotten a little more cautious than ever before. Olivia has no fear though - and that most definitely requires us to be on the lookout just a bit more than normal. I thought for sure she'd get a cold after traveling to New York and back.. to my surprise, nothing! No sick babe for us. We had a doctor's appointment right before vacation as well and Olivia weighed in at 20 pounds and 3 ounces! She's also 27.6 inches long and in the 98th percentile for stats! We still stick with delayed vaccs, but Olivia will be getting her 9 month well baby set up here soon.

Feeding: Our baby mainly eats solid foods. We break off almost everything we eat and give Olivia smaller portions. I am very comfortable with baby led weaning and so is Olivia. She does so well with feeding herself and it makes meal times so much easier for the entire family. We do give her little baby puffs, yogurt melts, and sometimes stage 3 foods depending on where we are/time crunch. Even now, Olivia will take puree foods so much better than she ever did before. Maybe because they aren't the bulk of food she's consuming? Who knows! Either way, feeding has become a breeze. Olivia will literally eat anything you put in front of her. 

Sleep: THIS CHILD. She is still an amazing sleeper. When she is down, she is down! Sometimes her naps can be short and interrupted (especially if we are on the go), but when it comes to that long 8-8 stretch that we have in our normal routine at night - Livy is golden. 

Milestones: Are you ready for this? **WE HAVE A WALKER** Yes, you read that right. Our girl is standing up unassisted, and she's on the move. She's still in the beginning stages of walking, but she can take 4-5 steps all on her own. I cannot believe it. She's so strong, she's been so strong her entire infancy. That's the biggest milestone we've experienced, but there are others. Baby can say - mama, dada, nana - clear as day. I think the rest might be just a mix of baby jabber, but we love it all. She has been able to recognize her name for quite some time and strangers take notice to this behavior as well.

Things You Love: You love food. Seriously. Baby girl you are a foodie. You love peek-a-boo, you love being kissed all over your sweet cheeks, and chunky thighs. You love playing with your sister's toys.. even when she doesn't want you to. You love being FREE - unless mama has you in a baby carrier. Then you love nursing. But if you are down - you love to roam the house! You love to lay on our chests and to cuddle when you are ready to sleep. You hold daddy's fingers when you are upset and crying. You also have taken a liking to new music in the car. I love watching your mood change depending on the music in the car.

The past month has been a joy as always with our littlest little. Sometimes Justin and I cannot believe that we were given this beautiful baby girl. You are growing, you are thriving, and you are changing so much as the months pass us by. We love you Olivia Rose! 

♥- Leilani

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