Monday, October 31, 2016
Tonight was our very first night trick or treating with our children! Up until this point I have been extremely adamant that Ava bug was just too young.. but there was no denying that this year she was ready. For weeks we've known she wanted to be Anna from Frozen. We've known that Olivia was going to be Elsa (also from Frozen). We knew that daddy was going to be Olaf (I was suppose to be but since I'm sick - last minute change) as of a few days ago. I mean this plan has been in the works for quite some time. We told Ava that when we knock on the doors of our neighbors we say "TRICK OR TREAT" for all to hear.

And you know what? Our babe did just that. She used her manners after receiving goodies from each stop.. tonight could not have gone better. Justin got off work early so he could be apart of all the festiivites (so thankful for this). We left the house around 620? maybe earlier or later by a smidge. I took photos in our front lawn, we got our yard ready for the trick or treaters that may come when we came home, and we took off into the 80 degree weather that Texas provided us this evening. To be honest, there was a breeze and it didn't truly feel that hot. I was so thankful for this.

Our entire divison of homes is SO HUGE so we barely made it through two of the subdivisions before Ava's halloween bucket was completely full. Ava was a littl shy at first, but she quickly came around. Walking up to each door by herself, knocking, and running away with a huge smile on her face. I really loved that most of the families that were handing out candy were out in their driveway. They were prepared for their trick or treaters and were so animated! Justin, Ava, and Olivia got so many compliments on their costumes. One child even got so excited about seeing Olaf that he ran up to Justin for a warm hug. 

I had my camera the entire time - although I forgot my cell phone at home (definite blessing in disguise). We stumbled upon a halloween block party just across the road from our cul de sac and boy was that fun. Ava and Olivia both were gazing at the lights, listening to the music, and they waited to receive candy from over SEVEN different candy bowls on one table. 

I think that was the best part. Watching my preschooler light up and watching her dad love every single minute of their time together. I am so thankful for Justin. I know he was hot in that mesh Olaf costume but he didn't take it off even once while we were out with the girls. Not to mention he held Olivia the ENTIRE time. This experience reminded me of my younger years and my many annual halloween trick or treating. I can't wait for next year! 

Happy Halloween! 

♥- Leilani

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