Mama of Two (3 years + 9 months)

Sunday, November 6, 2016
I don't think I've written one of these since Olivia was just a few weeks old. We were still living in Washington, so yes... it's been a long while. Anywho, with family planning on our mind, I wanted to go over the rewards, challenges, and overall system we have with two kiddos on our hands. I want to say it probably took Justin leaving us for eight weeks back in March for me to really realize: Mama, you got this. Being alone with your children without help is such a different experience for parents. For the longest time we knew we wanted to have more than just two kiddos, but for the first time in my life i realized, WOW. This is WORK. My goodness is it work. I'm not saying one child isn't work.. but two kiddos, that was WORK for me. Especially because my girls have polar opposite personalities. I have to give it up to my oldest, Ava. She is ALWAYS helpful, kind, and willing to assist in anyway she can. Bless her heart for being such a great big sister. To keep myself from steering off topic, I'm going to break this down into categories. 

Rewards: Being able to see the different personalities your children have, oh my goodness this a big one for me. Ava is laid back, gentle, and easy going. Olivia is a spit fire (i've made this reference so many times), she's physical, the strongest baby I've ever met, and will have a complete meltdown if she doesn't get what she wants. I also love seeing their genetic differences as well. Ava is tan, dark brown hair with red higlights, big brown eyes, and takes after my sister and her daddy in so many ways. Olivia is fair skinned, green/blue eyes, and blondish/brown hair. I see some of my features in her, but my in-laws swear she's identical to Justin as a baby. I love watching my girls BOND. That's my favorite. The bonding, the playing, the giggles.. it's twice the fun with these two. I love that they have a forever friend in one another and that they will help eachother the rest of their lives with more than things than we know! The rewards are infinite. They really are.

Challenges: Twice the meltdowns. If one is crying, the other will chime in soon after. Constantly feeling like there needs to be TWO of Justin and I. We try our absolute hardest to give each girl equal attention, but sometimes we feel like we are coming up short. Ava loves to work in her PRE-K work books, but Olivia loves to rip and chew on them. Ava loves to color and Olivia loves to eat and chew on Ava's coloring crayons. Olivia has so many cute baby toys in her nursery.. Ava seems to think her toys AND her sissy's toys belong to her. Errands take a little longer.. especially if Olivia is wailing in the backseat. Most times we have two carts at the grocery store (if Justin is with us). One for the girls and one for the groceries. Nap time. If Olivia is asleep and Ava isn't - Olivia almost never gets a full nap. It's not that Ava is extremely loud.. but she is a bit louder coincidentally when her sister is asleep.

Our System: What works for us may not work for others, but this is a break down of our day with both girls. In the morning, Olivia sleeps until 8am - Justin wakes around 530am or 6am and by the time he returns from his work out, Ava is awake. Justin makes Ava breakfast and gets her changed into clothes for the day, while I get to snooze with the baby. By the time we wake up, Justin has about 45 minutes until he has to leave for work. I change Olivia, feed Olivia, and try to get in a load of dishes while both Justin and I are home (and pull out meat for dinner if it's required). Once Justin leaves the schedule changes depending on the day. If Ava has an activity (which she does 5 out of 7 days a week), we conduct our day around that. So for example if this was a Wednesday, Ava would have ballet. Ballet starts at 10am. We'd have 30 minutes of play time for the girls and then I'd take 30 minutes to get the house tidied before we left, get our things in the car, and head out for ballet. During ballet, Olivia and I socialize with the mommy friend I made and her girls. This is also the time Olivia gets sleepy. So, right after ballet - we mainly go home. I crank one of Olivia's songs that soothe her and most times she falls asleep in the car pending I nurse her before we leave. 

If I have to grocery shop that day - i do it after Olivia's morning nap and after Ava's mid morning snack. If I have any additional errands, I like to run them before lunch because both girls nap around 145pm. After lunch time we are usually home for the day. I hate errands in the late afternoon. This is the hours I get to attempt to do laundry, clean, maybe crank out a homework assignement during nap time, social media, etc. 4pm is another crunch mode in this house. I usually feed Olivia early if she is eating something different than us for dinner that night - she goes in her high chair will I cook. Ava will play by herself doing something off in her room, play house, etc. Justin comes home within 90 minutes of dinner prep usually. We eat dinner as a family, socialize for an hour or so before bed, then we get ready for sleepy time.

I mainly co-shower with both girls these days. We want to transition Ava from baths to showers and this seems to be the best way for us. I bathe myself, I bathe Ava, and then I bathe Olivia. Justin will play with the girls while I shower and that's his one on one time with them in the evening. Night time routines involve daddy (which i love, thanks recuriting) so we get lotion, dressed, and bedtime stories. Ava will do lights out with daddy and i'll go nurse Olivia down in our room. Once both babies are out, daddy and I get our one on one time. This usually happens around 830pm. 

I know that was definitely long - if you braved through that, I hope something in there either helps you or is a scheduling pointer that you yourself use! 

♥- Leilani

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