Olivia: 10 months old

Monday, November 21, 2016
We are at this point now where all of the sad, nostalgic emotions are rolling right on in. When I look at Olivia, my heart, it hurts just a little. The growth, the changing, the less baby/more toddler dynamics... I cannot believe my sweet Olivia Rose is 10 months old today. They say the time goes by so fast with your first baby - just wait until it's your second. I'm in complete awe of our Livy bean even more so lately it seems. She has changed SO, so much in the last four weeks.. I can't believe we are just two months away from celebrating her first birthday. I'm trying HARD not to get ahead of myself, so before I do - let's get this update going! 

Clothes: We are slowly moving our way into 18 month clothing. I'm not surprised, but I'm glad we have so much clothing for this babe (Thank you big sister Ava). 12 month clothing still fits, but some of the shirts and pants are a little more snug. I think it really depends on the fabric we have on her. I did buy a couple of shirts from the cat and jack line at Target in 18 months and they fit SO well. 

Health: Bahh, humbug! Olivia is currently in the middle of her third cold in her first year and it has been a rough week. She's had a cough, congestion, and a runny nose - we feel so terrible for our girl. She's also had a few fits of diarrhea the past few days (my poor baby!). We haven't given any medicines other than baby rub (only on her feet) and we are praying that her STRONG immune system kicks into high gear to heal our girl before the holiday hits. Even though she has a cold, it hasn't slowed her down one bit.

Feeding: Solid foods are still a go! Basically anything we eat, we break into small Livy sized pieces and feed it to her. This has actually pushed us into healthier foods since we want Olivia to be eating the best nutrients we can give her, the whole family has been eating that way. It's a win/win! Olivia loves peaches, pears, bread, chicken, and sweet potatoes. I'm so glad we made the decision to finally try baby led weaning. When this method is done safely, it is extremely beneficial for the baby, at least ours. 

Sleep: THIS CHILD. She is still an amazing sleeper. When she is down, she is down! Sometimes her naps can be short and interrupted (especially if we are on the go), but when it comes to that long 8-8 stretch that we have in our normal routine at night - Livy is golden. 

Milestones: Last month I shared the big news that we had a WALKER, man you wouldn't believe how fast our child BOLTS when she is on the move. She is beginning to look like a pro and she chases Ava all over the house. Olivia can also drink from a straw (as of like four weeks ago, but it's not something we do regularly... so i didn't share it), wave her hands, and shake her head to any tune she likes. She has been responding to her name for a few months now and she can say mama, dada, baba, nana, and a variety of other baby babble.

Things You Love: You love food. Seriously. Baby girl you are a foodie. You love peek-a-boo, you love being kissed all over your sweet cheeks, and chunky thighs. You love playing with your sister's toys.. even when she doesn't want you to. You love being FREE - unless mama has you in a baby carrier. Then you love nursing. But if you are down - you love to roam the house! You love to lay on our chests and to cuddle when you are ready to sleep. You hold daddy's fingers when you are upset and crying. You also have taken a liking to new music in the car. You have been a bit of a daddy's girl lately - he loves it. You cuddle him, let him hold you in his arms, and you walk to him all the time.

I think this month has been the most surreal month, with the exclusion of the first couple months of your life. We see more of a toddler than we do an infant. We see personality, love, and so much growth coming out of our girl on a daily basis. I see the love she has for her big sister and their bond that continues to grow and emerge. 

Olivia, we love you baby. These past ten months with you have been nothing short of everything we ever hoped for with adding a second baby to our family.

Olivia's first day earth side.

♥- Leilani

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