Thank you, Texas

Thursday, December 1, 2016
When Justin and I agreed that we wanted to request Texas for his recruiting assignment, it was for one main reason - making recruiting easier for him. Here we are one day shy of being Texas residents for six whole months and I can honestly say that this place is starting to feel like home. I sometimes catch myself feeling so familiar with this community and I never EVER thought I would feel that way. For a good while I couldn't say a whole sentence without mentioning Washington State or making a "home sick" reference back to the PNW. Though I still would much rather be home - I don't find myself having to voice it outloud nearly as much. I've grown to love this Texas winter weather too. Back home, it's freezing. In New York, it's freezing. All you need is a light jacket, warm socks, and sunglasses in North Texas and you are good to go!

I think the major shift of heart here is due to Miss Ava Bug. She is only three years old and will likely be spending at least the next year or two here. So much of her preschool growth will be here in Texas. She's already changed SO much and has continued to show us the true resiliency of miltiary kids. Getting her involved in activites was the best move we could have made for her. She socializes with so many different kiddos her age, she's active, and she has a weekly routine that she anticipates each day. In turn I get to socialize with other mama bears in the community as well. It's a nice social hour for me and I think it's helped quite a bit with the move. We feel like we are apart of something bigger, something worth appreciating. 

I sit here tonight browsing online to get our "thank you" gift bags ready for Ava's teachers and I can't help but have such a grateful heart. There are so many wise, kind, and thoughtful mentors in her life right now - we couldn't be more blessed. In the absence of our extended family, I am still certain that my child is very much so involved in a village of different positive influences. What more could we ask for? It dawned on me that Texas may be bringing more to our lives than we ever expected was possible. Maybe we NEED to be here right now. So for now, I'm going to enjoy this season of our life. Christmas always brings so much out of me and this year is no exception. The Christmas tree is up, our stockings are over the mantle, and we get family pictures taken next week. Everything is as it should be right now and it feels amazing.

Here is a collage of Ava's speech, swim, gymnastics, and ballet moments. She loves each and every activity - we are over the moon she loves being so involved!

♥- Leilani

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