Happy First Birthday, Sweet Olivia

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fleeting. The one word that comes to mind when I think of how quickly the first year of your life has gone by.
I remember every single detail of how you arrived earth-side and the look on your daddy's face the moment he first saw you. That image is ingrained in my mind for always. It was the first time I had labored a child with your dad by my side and I was just so, so incredibly proud of him. Proud of us. We did it! We had 8 pounds of healthy baby lying on my chest. Though you are our second born, we have experienced a lot of firsts with you, Olivia Rose. I often say it feels like you've taught us far more than we've taught you - and this surely wasn't our first parenting rodeo. Your milestones arrived so much quicker than we anticipated and your personality bloomed at warp speed. Even still, I savored every moment of your growth.

In a lot of ways - I clung to you for dear life this past year. I said hello to you just weeks before I said goodbye to my mother. Your grandmother. In the throws of postpartum, I thought I would lose myself entirely... but that didn't happen. Nourishing you, holding you, and tending to your every need was my saving grace. You saved me from myself in more ways than one - You will never know the magnitude of how grateful I am for you sweet girl.You were still so small, yet making the largest impacts in my life at that point. It is because of you that I have learned to lead my life not by plans - but by what we can handle in a day. And look at where we are now... you are a beautiful, thriving, sassy, strong willed, ONE year old. You are bigger than life Livy Bean. I love you more than life.

Thank you for the lessons, the love, and changing our lives forever. You are everything - we love you so.

Happy First Birthday, Olivia Rose!

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