Olivia: 12 months old

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
This blog is coming a little later than normal, but I'm still emotional writing it. If you didn't see my "Happy Birthday Olivia" blog post, I shared that on her actual birthdate, so go check it out! Celebrating the first year of Olivia's life has been so bittersweet. Most of the time we don't even feel like we have a new toddler. She is a seasoned tot for sure. I honestly believe it has a lot to do with the "second child" demeanor. Her entire life she's had someone to look up to and show her the ropes. We are completely blown away with all the things Olivia is during already. We are already making quite a few adjustments in our home with our sweet girl so, without further ado, let's get right into this first year update. 

Clothes: I just washed an entire bin full of Ava's old 18-24 month clothing and the rest of her 12 month clothing. Olivia fits into everything extremely well. 18 month clothing is still a bit long, but fitting extremely well. We haven't touched 24 months clothing yet because I know we just aren't there yet. Most of the 12 month clothing we have fits really well, but I'm noticing that some of the shirts are a bit harder to get on and off. Texas is such a strange state for a lot of reasons but mainly weather. One day it's 32 degrees out, the next it is 75 degrees. We keep a wide range of different clothing out just in case the weather does a 360 on us.

Health: Olivia is such a healthy little girl. Aside from the common cold, we have yet to experience any other health problems during this first year. She hasn't even had a tummy bug (knock on wood); with her big sister, we experienced 3 different viral tummy bugs by the age of one. We are moving into some of the more severe teething symptoms like mild rash, fever, and copious amounts of saliva.. but nothing outside of the norm! She is so incredibly strong, resilient, and she's growing beautifully. She's sitting at just over 21 pounds and she is 30 inches long. We have a one year well baby next week and I have a feeling we'll be receiving another clean bill of health for our sweet girl. 

Feeding: I have made the decision to wean our sweet girl (due to our fertility treatments not being breastfeeding friendly) and so we introduced cow milk sooner than i thought we would. In addition to cow's milk, I have introduced ezekiel bread, almond butter, and a few other fruits I have held off trying in Olivia's infancy. She still only has two teeth on the bottom - but this girl can eat her way through anything. She eats big girl foods and we are completely done with purees. 

Sleep: Removing nursing from our equation is going to make sleep time a little more challenging. Today it took over 30 minutes to get Olivia down for a nap without nursing. I imagine some long nights will be our future while we adjust to our new routine.

Milestones: We have a runner! Olivia is on the move like you wouldn't believe. She sometimes trips over her own little feet, but she seriously books it when she wants to. She is also extremely receptive and listens so incredibly well. If we ask her to put something back, she does. If we ask her to bring something to us, she does. If we ask her to do pretty much anything singular, she does it. It is amazing to me how quickly our second born has picked up on communication. Dancing has also developed a ton in the last month. Olivia loves all kinds of music and her dance moves have grown and seriously impress us!

Things You Love: You love food. Seriously. Baby girl you are a foodie. You love peek-a-boo, you love being kissed all over your sweet cheeks, and chunky thighs. You love playing with your sister's toys.. even when she doesn't want you to. You love being FREE - unless mama has you in a baby carrier. Then you love cuddling. But if you are down - you love to roam the house! You love to lay on our chests and to cuddle when you are ready to sleep. You hold daddy's fingers when you are upset and crying. You also have taken a liking to new music in the car. You have been a bit of a daddy's girl lately - he loves it. You cuddle him, let him hold you in his arms, and you walk to him all the time.

Our sweet girl was NOT a fan of cake! 

♥- Leilani

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