Olivia: Weaning

Monday, January 30, 2017
I've been dropping hints for the last month about trying to conceive a third baby... and those hints are extremely accurate. Before Olivia turned a year old I had my first consult with a reproductive endocrinologist here in Texas. The appointment went SO well; seriously I could not have asked for a better RE to assist us in trying to conceive a third child. He specializes in PCOS specifically - I have never experienced this before. It made me feel so incredibly good. Maybe I'll learn something new about living with PCOS and how best to manage it as I get older. I had blood work done, an ultrasound, and we went over my entire medical history during the consult. The ultrasound showed my ovaries are cyst free and everything looked as it should. So glad that we have the green light there! 

I officially start taking medicine to jump start a menstrual on the second of February and once I start, I'll be taking the same meds I took to conceive Ava and Olivia. This brings us to weaning...the only difference this time around is that I'm not weaning a 22 month old, I am weaning a 12 month old... it is SO incredibly different. I know Olivia is ready in at least one way and I also anticipated that the first week or so would be our most challenging hurdle. To my surprise - it has only been a few days since I stopped nursing at nap time and Olivia is doing exceptionally well with the change. To be fair, she really only nurses when she's tired. She has never been the baby that wanted to nurse all the time, but more of when she wanted to soothe herself into sleep. Her big sister was not like that at all. Ava wanted to nurse as often as she could. Nursing was also the fix all for Miss Ava - it is not for Miss Olivia. 

This all started about a week ago? A couple days after Olivia turned one. I probably nurse (where Olivia is actually drinking milk and not just pacifying) 3 times a day. Once in the morning after breakfast, during nap time in the afternoon, and for bedtime. I used to nurse around 4-5 times a day but Olivia sleeps in the car between Ava's schedule during the week - eliminating the need to nurse and making our transition just a little bit easier. I can honestly trying to put Olivia down for her afternoon nap without breastfeeding was brutal. Lots of babywearing, cuddles, and kisses have replaced nap time nursing so far. We have also incorporated a pacifier as well. Justin and I have never been fond of the paci, but in this case.. our baby needs something to soothe her in the same way that nursing did. After going through many pacifiers... THIS is the brand of pacifiers that Olivia prefers. 

I'm crazy anxious to see how the overall transition goes. Here's to making some big steps in Olivia's toddlerhood! 

♥- Leilani

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