Surgery: D & C

Friday, March 24, 2017
On very little notice, I had my dilation and curettage surgery this morning. Everything happened so incredibly fast... and as of this moment I actually still feel a bit shaky, cramp-y, and I still can't allow myself to just be. Let me start from the top though because I'm almost positive there are a lot of readers that are confused right now. From Feb 28th up until two weeks ago, I frantically searched for a new reproductive endocrinologist, OBGYN, etc (read previous post to get caught up to speed as to why I needed to find a new baby doc). Well, I found like five or six? The problem was - everyone was taking Spring break vacation during the time I was actually looking to find a provider to perform the surgery. I patiently waited and actually had a sonogram/consult date set up for the 29th with one of the providers I met a couple weeks ago.

THEN, I found an amazingly reviewed and highly recommended REI center just over 30 minutes away from our house - who also had their earliest appointment on the 29th. I decided to keep both appointments scheduled until I thought about the best route for myself. Out of curiosity early this week, I decided to phone the amazingly reviewed and highly recommended REI center to see how soon after a consult I'd be able to get in for surgery... the nurse told me it'd be a month... or a month and a half. I gasped. That was much longer than my new attitude "easy breezy" wanted to wait. I said goodbye and started to think about what decisions needed to be made moving forward. 

That's when I got a call. Another amazingly reviewed doctor's office gave me a call. They remembered I had called in on the 11th trying to make an appointment - but they had none available until the last week of March as well. I decided to just cut my losses with that provider I hadn't even met and stick with what I had. They were calling with an available appointment on Thursday afternoon. I started to get SO excited at the thought of surgery happening sooner. I then asked what the provider's surgical schedule looked like and that's when I was put on hold for the nurse. The nurse was so incredibly warm, cheerful, and informative.

She apologized and said the soonest they would be able to get me in for my procedure would be the 7th of April. I was elated. A guaranteed surgery at the beginning of next month - I took it without thinking twice. I went in for my appointment yesterday and the wait time was longer than I would have liked... but after talking with the provider, I knew why. This woman was personable. She was kind, had amazing bedside manner, and actually listened to all I had to say. When she found out about my mom passing, she got up and hugged me. I could see the sadness pass over her face. She said,"That's just too young. You are too young not to have your mom." I couldn't have agreed more. 

The empathy, knowledge, and understanding with this provider was SO clear from the start of our appointment. She checked her schedule for surgery (they are only done on Fridays) and she realized she had an opening for tomorrow morning. She offered it to me, letting me know that it was okay if it was too soon. After texting Justin and checking his schedule, I was given the green light.

The authorizations were immediately sent out to our insurance and since this was an in office procedure, it was a lot faster than if I were having the procedure at a hospital. I had my surgery around 8am this morning and I was under IV sedation the entire time. It was so quick, I was out of there just after 9am. I was given pictures of what they found. A build up for sure, some polyps, and remnants of my not-so-vascular uterine septum from five years ago. Everything looked great - fallopian tubes are clear and my uterus is now in good shape! 

I am so thankful everything worked out for us this way. Next stop, injections... not sure when we will start (I want to give my body a chance to have a cycle and heal a bit), but knowing that we no longer have a road block.. I could literally shout it off the roof tops! 

♥- Leilani

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