Olivia Rose: Toddlerhood 14 months

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Warp speed, you guys. Warp speed. Swear that's like my parenting mantra with Miss Olivia. This past month has brought about some MEGA growth in our sweet girl. Sometimes I feel like she's been a toddler all her life - which obviously doesn't make sense... but this little girl is so INCREDIBLY receptive, smart, and advanced for her age group.

New Things: By the end of this week, Olivia will no longer be nursing. We are going cold turkey due to medications I will be taking after my surgery. She doesn't know this yet, but I know she's ready. Our little girl is a trooper. New things include: pointing to everything! Especially when she is trying to tell us she wants something. Mocking every single thing her big sister does has also come about - Ava does not appreciate this so much when she's having a full blown meltdown and Olivia is mimicking every detail. Olivia has taken a liking to "loveys" as of late as well. She will seriously fall asleep with her baby Moana plush doll and it is the sweetest thing ever. I've noticed that our girl has started to take an interest in TV shows as of late. Olivia has decided to help us unload the dishwasher as of late - even if we aren't asking for help! For the most part she puts the dishes for her and her sister where they go. Olivia has also become quite the dare devil climbing on everything she can get her hands on. Granted, she's been doing this for months but it seems like lately she does it every chance she gets.

Milestones: Olivia's receptive gears have kicked into overdrive. For real. We can say pretty much anything to our sweet girl and she responds correctly. I love this so much. "Olivia it's time to clean up" OR "Olivia, can you drink some water?" OR "Olivia give Ava her toy back" I mean it's so crazy how receptive our child is already. Miss Olivia also FINALLY cut her 3rd and 4th teeth! YAY. I know we are extremely happy this baby is no longer such a crabby butt, though I know more teeth will soon be arriving.

Changes: Olivia can now climb off of our master bedroom bed - this terrifies me to no end. She's a champ though. Sometimes she asks for help, most of the time she doesn't. She's been clapping for herself after any type of praise she receives (it is so stinkin' cute). Our sweet girl absolutely refuses to sit in her high chair so she has been sitting in the big chairs (monitored, of course) next to me and Ava. Whenever we read books to Miss Olivia she constantly points at the words and the pictures. Animals are a HUGE hit with our girl lately. Olivia has also been using spoons and forks during mealtime almost always now. She is so incredibly awesome with using utensils. We have also noticed that we can leave our girls together for 30 minutes (haven't really tried longer) to play with one another without needing mom or dad hovering over them. 

This is without a doubt my favorite change in the last month. Watching Olivia help her sister organize her doll house, stuffed animals, and read stories on her big sister's bed - no better experience than watching your children bond.

♥- Leilani

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