Destin, Florida

Monday, May 15, 2017
Two words. Absolutely breathtaking. Our brief trip to Destin, Florida was nothing short of a dream. The water was a beautiful emerald, the breeze complimented the warm day, and my kids could not stay out of the water. Destin reminded me like a hotter version of Ocean Shores (for all of my PNW readers). Ocean shores is like this nice little nook on the coast - that is what Destin reminded me of - with more established businesses and people. Our first stop after the hotel was Miramar Beach. It was only a 10 minute drive and boy was it completely packed. I thought parking was going to be near impossible, but luckily we found something. There were a lot of people there and tons of activities to do. Beach chairs were available as well - $35 for a set of two. 

We actually didn't dress appropriately for a beach day... I don't know why though? I think I just thought we were going to scope out the area for photos? Who knows, but that didn't stop Justin and the girls. They ditched their heavier clothes (Justin took off his shirt) and they ran right into the Gulf. I took photos, watched them, and eventually ended up in the water myself. It was so gorgeous. I don't think I'd ever felt water that warm outside of the Southern and Eastern coast. It was Olivia's first time putting her cute little feet into the ocean as well. I love first moments. Ava is no stranger to the ocean and she went in and didn't want to get out! She's such a fish when it comes to the water. 

We spent well over an hour at that beach before heading back in to make dinner plans. Justin and I tried a local seafood place called The Back Porch. I wasn't completely sold on their seafood, but it wasn't terrible either. After dinner we made our way back out to Henderson State Park just a couple minutes from the hotel. We did pay like a $6 entrance fee, but it was well worth it. There was an option to camp inside this park as well.. I've never truly been camping but boy would I give it a try if we were in Destin for longer. 

We spent close to two hours at this park and it was perfect because golden hour and sunset of course. Taking photos at the beach was a little more challenging than i expected (horizons through heads, crooked horizons, etc.). Even still I had the time of my life watching my family enjoy themselves so much. We couldn't get over how white the sand was. Literally just fell right through your fingers. At one point Ava ended up in the ocean with just her undies on. To watch my sweet girl's spirit just soar like that.. it was unbelievable. 

I'm so glad we made the decision to stop in Florida during our vacation. We had so many family milestones. Justin's first time being to Florida, ALL of our firsts for putting our feet into the Gulf of Mexico, and our first road trip since we moved to Texas. 

♥- Leilani

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