Ava is four

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Let me try and hold back my tears as I write this. My sweet girl, my game changer, and my first born is four years old today.

I keep flashing back and thinking about how we got here. How fast the last four years have flown right by. I instantly go back to the moment I first held her, the moment her daddy first laid eyes on her. Justin said, "She's beautiful babe. You did great. She's just so beautiful." just moments after she was born. He has never wavered from that statement. She is the most beautiful, selfless, kind, and intelligent four year old and we are so incredibly proud to call her ours.

The first moment I laid eyes on you still feels like a dream. You were placed on my chest just seconds after you were born and I swear in those first few seconds, I was made new. I knew that I would be forever changed. I was right. I heard your sweet cry and our eyes locked - mine immediately filled with tears. Not much has changed. Everything you do, everything you have become - I have succumbed to tears. You move me, sweetheart. You completely move me and inspire me with your sweet, sweet spirit. Most days I look at you in complete awe and I can't believe I was given such an incredible little girl. I'm having a hard time accepting that you are turning FOUR YEARS OLD today. I remember our biggest worries included feeding schedules, diaper changes, and nighttime routines. Now we are preparing you for preschool this summer. I can hardly believe it. Being your mom has been the privilege of my life and as much as it hurts my mama heart to see you grow so quickly, I am enjoying every single moment of it.

Happy birthday, Ava bug!

We love you star shine!

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