Olivia Rose: Toddlerhood 16 months old

Sunday, May 21, 2017
Oh my sweet Olivia Rose. I am beginning to feel the heartache that inevitably rushes in when your child starts to grow. Just a few months ago she was still my little baby. She couldn't run, she used baby babble to communicate, and she needed me for everything. Those days have become distant memories. Livy bean is such a big girl! Olivia is talking so much more - she says thank you to the waiters when we are out at restaurants! She is running, playing with so much more understanding (deliberately putting cupcakes in the oven, and feeding her baby before sticking her into the stroller). She loves reading, well she loves when daddy and I read to her. Story time with big sister Ava is all the rave right now. 

Last week I watched my sweet girl catching waves in the Atlantic Ocean so fearlessly. Olivia reminds me so much of Ava, but make no mistake she is a force all on her own. The toddler temper tantrums aren't as often as I initially thought they would be - most times Olivia is fussing, it is easily fixed with a sippy cup, a binky, or snuggles from mom/dad. 

New Things: We literally just switched the crib in the nursery (that was never used) into a toddler bed. I am happy to report that Miss Olivia has taken naps in her toddler bed each day since it has been up! I'm so glad that we will be able to lay her down and not worry about big bed falls or just having to keep tabs 24/7 while she is asleep. Olivia is also front facing as of a week and a half ago. Our baby fits the correct height and weight requirements, and it was time. She loves front facing and the A/C ACTUALLY blows directly on her. NO more potential hot babies, nozzles, or pulling over to check to see if the air is working. 

Milestones: Utensils and teeth are the two milestones that stick out the most for me. Watching Olivia use her fork and spoon so well.. I mean, most of her food ends up in her mouth! It's great to watch her use them correctly too! Olivia is currently cutting her 8th tooth I believe? Teething still isn't a walk in the park but luckily I still have my hyland teething tablets and they work like a charm! 

Changes: The amount of diaper changes has decreased immensely in the last month. We can actually let this babe run around stark naked without worrying about her peeing on the floor. Sometimes its great to be "free" and naked! Olivia's temperament. You can tell she's maturing? For lack of a better explanation. She has more toddler tendencies than baby tendencies at this point. ALSO our girl has hit a plateau in weight gain. That's a change because Olivia was constantly growing and entering a new clothes size. She's currently in 18-24 month clothing and can still fit a ton of 12 month clothes. 

Don't let the face fool you. She was upset daddy wouldn't put her down by herself. She loved the ocean!

♥- Leilani

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