Liam Arthur: Three Months Old

Friday, June 8, 2018
Is it possible that our sweet boy can get even more perfect as he grows? It most definitely is. It is still so bitter sweet writing these updates with baby # 3. It's still surreal saying that sometimes, but I love it so much. We have had mega strides in the last month - car rides are bearable (for baby and for us) and I cannot even begin to explain what a feat that has been. Our summer routine is most definitely surrounded by this little guy (to an extent) and we avoid driving after his nap time, like the plague. He loves nursing immediately after he wakes up, immediately after he gets a diaper change. I love that we are getting more routine as a family. It certainly has made a lot of the transitions from two babies to three much easier. It may seem like its not that big of a deal, but I took the kids to the mall BY MYSELF for the first time last week. I felt like super mom, legit. Being outnumbered by three is a big deal for me.

Clothes: Liam is in six month clothing! Well, he's got a couple 3-6 month outfits that I didn't pack away (yes, I actually packed his newborn clothes and three month clothing away) but other than that our big boy has moved on up. I won't lie, I was in complete denial about how much he's grown and I was wholeheartedly okay with leaving his newborn sleepers and onesies in the same space as his six month. It's hard watching him grow in general, but the clothing sizes are a real, tangible reminder. I spent most of my Friday night folding and stowing his clothes away thinking: "Will this be the last time I see these little outfits?" So yeah, it's been emotional for sure.
Health: We have yet to encounter a second cold with our peanut, but inevitably, i know it'll happen sooner or later. We have experienced dry skin patches as of late - initially I thought it was eczema, but he doesn't have red patches, they don't seem to bother him, and they aren't located in the common "eczema areas". I have a feeling it might be due to the vinegar I tend to put in our laundry sometimes, and since we use free + clear everything, Liam's clothes are not sorted out. I have decided to wash him clothes separately, vinegar free, and we stopped using our beloved Burts bee's and Aveeno lotion just in case those are culprits. We switched to eucerin lotion shampoo/soap. They seem to be working well and the dry patches are mostly soft and smooth like the rest of him. We also switched *sort of* to size three diapers. They are still a little big, but size two diapers are definitely snug on the baby thighs.

Feeding: Liam is still nursing on demand and everything with our breastfeeding bond is just perfect. His feeding pattern reminds me of his big sister, Olivia but the amount he eats reminds me of his oldest sister, Ava. I feel so dang blessed to have been able to nourish and provide for all three of my babies! I feel even more blessed that we haven't faced major issues with breastfeeding. He's growing so well (clothing size is pretty evident) and we are going strong. We will be introducing solids in three months and I am so curious to see how that will change his nursing patterns. 
Sleep: We have finally found a good balance with maximizing Liam's nap schedule - keeping him swaddled, cuddling with mommy/daddy, or having the fans going while he's in his baby seat or carseat, ensures sound nap time sleeps. He doesn't like sleeping in a swing (he will tolerate it for a couple of minutes) and he does not like to feel "alone" when he sleeps. He is such a huge cuddle bug. Liam is still sleeping through the night and will suckle maybe once? Twice max without fully waking up. I am thankful that our son is an awesome sleeper. Following in the footsteps of his older siblings for sure.

Milestones: Head control. My son's head control is crazy good. We utilize tummy time just as often as he will allow and it is going so dang well. He has started touching and knocking his hand against some of the toys attached to the mat - its fun to watch. Over the last month I started placing a rattle in Liam's hand and he can hold onto it and grip it with such strength. We get so excited with each passing milestone and we celebrate his as a family, daily. We also busted out the bumbo to assist with sitting and head control - he didn't know how to feel about it but he did tolerate it. 
Things You Like: You like being in the Lillebaby (we introduced structured carriers a few weeks ago), you love when we kiss your sweet little cheeks, and when we encourage you to talk. You smile so big when when daddy imitates some of your little baby noises. You love when daddy pats your back after a good feed (that usually puts you to sleep), and you enjoy when your oldest sister, Ava sings you some of her preschool songs. You love smiling at your big sister, Olivia and she tries to smile even bigger when she's looking at you. Sucking on your hands has become a favorite lately, and I think Ed Sheeran is actually soothing for you? Either way, you don't seem to mind.

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