Wednesday, August 8, 2018
It's been over two weeks since we found out that Justin got reassignment orders for a station in Washington. Most of the past couple weeks have been filled with rejoice + preparing.... but I do have these moment where I feel sad, like I'm not ready to move yet. I know that sounds weird, right? I talk about home so much, everyone knows I miss it, and I can't wait to move back.. it's just I wasn't quite ready to close this chapter we are currently in. This season. It took me a little time to realize it, but I do love so much about our current right now.  Being right down the street from Ava's elementary school, Justin's office being less than a 10 minute drive from our home, and this home we've built being the only normal our second born has ever known. All the feelings are hitting me lately. I didn't spend enough time appreciating all the things we've built here in Texas and I wish I would have. 
So, for the next four months, that is exactly what I plan to do. Soak it all in. We are going to take the time to enjoy things while we still can. Like, embracing every single day of Ava's kindergarten experience here because- that matters to me. Taking Liam out in the carrier for those PERFECT fall mornings that Texas affords us because- that matters to me too. Making sure to swing my sweet Olivia Rose as high as I can on her favorite swings at the park down the street because-  those memories, all of them... they matter. Nana is flying in the day before Halloween to kind of send us off with one last visit in this house (our kids miss her SO much) and I know that'll be the sweetest visit ever. We haven't gone to New York since Liam was born, so I know being able to meet her first great-grandson will also be a treat! 
I really want to make this move special for the kids because 2/3 are able to understand whats going on for the most part. Ava never ceases to amaze me. I heard her telling her sister, "Olivia. Its okay. We are going to make so many new friends, see our family, and see Mama Lee. Washington is so great." Her ability to adapt blows me away and I'm so thankful for my big girl. The transition should be a good one and I'm hoping that once we settle into our new home, we are able to get our schedules and activities going as if we didn't miss a beat. A few things I've been doing to make this move special include:
* Letting Ava look at rental homes with me. She loves being able to give me all her thoughts
* Making Christmas plans of all the things we'll do once we've settled into our Washington home
* Possibly taking a stop or two on the way up to Washington (I really don't want to, but if the kids want an adventure, I could be game!)
For those of you who are road trippers AND/OR military, how do you make your moves "fun" for the kids? Any road games? Pit stops? Let me know! I'm always up for introducing something that might help me or my family get through a lengthy road trip

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