My Best Friend's Wedding

Thursday, November 15, 2018
My best gal of nearly 15 years is saying “I do” in less than a month and I’m an emotional wreck about it. So much life has been had with this woman by my side and I cannot believe I get to watch her embark on the same journey that has afforded my life so much joy. So much fulfillment. I’ve been thinking back to the day we met, quite a bit, only because we met by chance (the same way I met Justin, actually). We lived less than a mile from one another for years and we never managed to cross paths - until the universe (along with our two younger sibs) aligned our space with one another. I’ll never forget the puzzled look Leeana had on her face when she saw me holding her baby sister’s hand. She looked so confused, as did I - I had no clue that Jose and Nicole came with an older sister.

From that day on, my life was forever changed (unbeknownst to me). But that’s the thing about childhood friendships. They grow in such an organic and innocent manner, and they grow quickly. Our time together consisted of talks about boys, school, summer strolls through suburbia, facial masks at sleepovers, belting out our favorite jams side by side, and eventually sharing those feelings you reserve for only the most trusting of people… there was nothing else like it. I grew so comfortable with her. As did my family. And for years to come, Leeana was always the one person, or her house was always the one place I could be found outside of my own.

High school came around not too long after and our adventures and memories expanded and matured... in some ways. Our first run in with the law (a police officer’s first pull over), sneaking out, and my first introduction to a congregation that promoted a love for Jesus so intense, I left weeping and immediately knew that I needed to give my heart and faith to the good lord. We would go days on end spending time with one another and those are the memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.

To this day, she is one of the few people I can be surrounded by for several days and I never tire of her company. That’s not to say we haven’t gone through the ringer with growing pains and separation. Believe me, we’ve had our girl rama drama more times than I can count. We’ve had friendship hiatuses, we’ve taken “breaks” from each other, we’ve distanced ourselves, and yet in the end - we always find our way back. It is the most beautiful friendship I have ever had, as it has withered every storm, every trial, and each phase of my adult life and it has survived.

There are three vivid memories that stand out for me the most in my adult life with this woman.

#1 The day I asked her to be the god mother of my first born child

#2 The day I told her my mom passed away

#3 The day Leeana called me and told me she was getting married

I told you, a lot of life. And here we are. Three god babies later, a Frederick Wingate, two fur babies, two cross country moves (both by me), and a Vegas wedding for a soon to be December bride.


If you are reading this, this little excerpt is for you. First and foremost, I love you. You have been the standing definition of a loyal, imperfectly perfect friend and you have stood by me countless times. You have showed up countless times. You are so much more than just a friend. You are family. It is an absolute honor to know that you wanted me to be there on your special day. I keep thinking about what it’ll look like. Being in your bridal room. Watching your mom help you with your wedding dress. Catching a glimpse of someone praying over you for your special day. Photographing you while you get your make up done, all dolled up and completely flawless. I imagine in those moments leading up to you heading towards the limo.. your heart will be racing as you head towards the biggest day of your life. I’ll be rooting for you. I’ll be the blubbering mess crying as you promise forever to the man you love. I’ll be there.

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