Never Renting Again

Friday, November 9, 2018
I am more than ready to never lease another property for the rest of my life. As dramatic as that sounds its also unrealistic. The military lifestyle often leaves us with no other choice and that is such a bummer. To be fair, we’ve never had problems with a management company that we’ve leased a home with. Even currently. Well, until now. I put in our formal notice the last week of October and ever since then we’ve been on this roller coaster of issues with our management company. They didn’t come out and fix/and or look at anything that they originally said they would and yet they have shoved a lockbox authorization, showing system, and and big lapse in communication in our faces.

It’s stressful. I have never leased a home where showings took place while a tenant occupied the residence. It’s weird to me, but most importantly it shows me these guys are all about the money. We are working with a two hour window of notice and they expect our house to look the full nine while still occupying the home with small children. To make matters worse I receive calls/texts messages at any time of day or night from this showing company and when I did decline one of the showings late this morning (they requested to arrive fifteen minutes from the time I got the text), our management company called to inquire… and made so many bologna excuses as to why they haven’t been able to come out.. “Funerals, tummy aches, and sickness” all conveniently in the same week they were suppose to come out.

I really just want to say, “LET US BE. LET US MOVE, PEACEFULLY.” but a part of me actually feels guilty. This lease was a three year lease (and I do love this home) and because of Justin’s military orders, we are moving earlier than expected. But then the other part of me feels like I shouldn’t care all that much since they don’t seem to care about invading our personal space. I mean, we do still live here. Aside from that I’m nervous that the management company isn’t following through on things. Like removing our direct deposit (how we pay rent) from their system. Actually coming out to do a walk through. Maybe not even giving us back our deposit (or at least trying). I hate stressing about things that I shouldn’t be stressing over and yet here we are. It’s a total nightmare over here and its really making me wish our time left in Texas away, which i didn’t want to do.

We still have so much good stuff happening in these next few weeks. Here’s hoping we make it through with most of our sanity in tact.

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