Tuesday, January 1, 2019
I brought in the new year the same way I have for the last eight years. Kissing my hunk of a husband and holding one of our Howland babies. Though this year we found ourselves binge-watching one of our new favorite shows instead of watching the countdown show from start to finish, I still enjoyed my evening and I got to spend it with the man of my dreams. That is always the best part. We spent New Year's day with family (thanks cousin Kimi) and it could not have gone better! The girls were completely spoiled (once again) with sweet treats, space for them to enjoy themselves, and yummy food. Justin attempted to teach me how to play poker alongside my cousins but I never actually got the chance to play a hand. Justin, on the other hand, played several. It warmed my heart to see him bonding with family and making new memories. I could see this being a regular thing for sure. I spent my afternoon talking to my great Aunty Waki and learning more about our family and their heritage.
I love that I have the opportunity to do that. Outside of my grandma, a couple of her brothers, and a few of her sisters, there aren’t many children left from their generation. It is so important to me to soak up all the information and tradition that I absolutely can. Liam actually let Aunty Waki hold him without crying for a few minutes (we are making progress) and it felt good to enjoy my gumbo without holding him on my lap. This is going to be the hardest part about being surrounded by loved ones. I’m not used to having all these helping hands ready and willing to assist. I know I need to be better about it for my own sake, so it is something I plan to work on.
Instead of making resolutions this year, I chose to focus on reflection. This last year taught me SO much and the growth I had was inevitable (so dang good for me). That in mind, I know going into 2019 I will continue to pursue the best version of myself for me, my children, my husband, and my tribe. Here’s to the new year and continued growth in each and every single thing that I do.
Happy New Years!

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