Liam Arthur: Ten Months Old

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

My baby boy is in the double digits months of his infancy. Things just got real. Can you believe it? My third child is just two months away from celebrating his mega milestone (AKA 1st birthday). It’s been really hard, guys. I mean, really hard. I don’t know that I’ve actually said this before in a blog but Justin and I are so incredibly conflicted on adding more littles to our tribe of five - for so many reasons. If Liam is our last go-round with all of these “firsts” but lasts.. I just want to savor them for as long as I can… and ironically enough, time isn’t on our side. We are barely into 2019 and I feel like the year is already going by extremely fast. Normally the month of January at the start of a new year goes so dang slow. I stand corrected in 2019.

Clothes: We are still at a standstill since Liam’s activeness has increased. Our boy is in 18-24 month clothing. I prefer 18-month sleepers and 24 months for everything outside of pajamas. Because the weather has been so funky lately Liam is sporting everything from thick flannels to thin long sleeved t-shirts. I try to avoid jeans at all costs (not a friend to bebes with thick thighs) but he looks so darn cute in them! Finding boy clothing that I find cute hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I was told it would be. Its a nice change of scenery from the constant glitter and unicorn I’m accustomed to with my girls.

Health: Liam had his ten-month well baby the other day and he got a clean bill of health (and a shot :/). We love being back at the military hospital his older sister Olivia was born at. I was able to get us back on the same team both girls had the last time we were here and I cannot tell you what a sigh of relief that has been. After being seen by a non-military provider for the first nine months of his life, I am excited about this familiar change. Liam weighs 22.5 pounds and he is 27 inches long (shorter side like his daddy). He’s currently battling a cold his sister brought home from school (my poor baby) but other than that, he is one healthy looking boy. Oh, the PEDS doc did start Lamby on the lowest dose of cream for his eczema. I’m praying that it works (even though is skin has been nearly perfect in Washington) because I hate the thought of my little boy battling this for the rest of his life.

Feeding: I haven’t really been pushing solids at all lately. I mean, we offer Liam food when we eat but he still doesn’t really have a huge interest. Oh! We finally introduced those little puffs, crunchies, and yogurt melts. I don’t think he cares for the puffs much but the crunchies and yogurt melts seem to be a big hit. My boy usually nurses on demand (A LOT) just as he always has and the teething aspect becomes even more apparent with each tooth Liam cuts.

Sleep: LIAM IS STILL AN AMAZING SLEEPER. That makes us three for three with amazing sleepers. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! He still sleeps through the night and he goes down for his naps as normal. This boy has been sleeping longer during car rides too. I mean, he always kind of has, but now it's just this instant sort of thing as soon as the car is moving. Car trips are pretty awesome now.

Milestones: Our boy is standing up and we are encouraging him to pull himself up on things like the couch, toddler chairs, toy bins, etc. Watching Liam become so fascinated with something and going after it is still my favorite thing ever. He’s waving, he’s dancing so much more, and he’s playing with his older sisters so well.

Things You Like: MUSIC. Hands down. Music is the one full proof way to get our son to soothe. He has a select playlist that he prefers and anything outside of that isn’t very helpful. Liam loves when his sisters are being silly. His baby laugh is everything and he smile will make your heart melt. He still loves to co-sleep with his mama and papa, showers with mama, and being baby worn ALL THE TIME. He is absolutely a mama’s boy and he will reach and grab for me whenever he’s not in my arms. Not much as changed with his lists of likes this past month and I’m totally okay with that.

Here’s to our sweet baby boy celebrating another month of life and here’s hoping that savoring all of his moments are more than enough to keep this mama dry-eyed until March!

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